Huge lag periods

Anyone experiencing periodic brief moments of huge lags over the past few days/weeks. When this occurs, motion or open/close sensors dont turn on lights. Commands from the app and/or remotes appear to fall off the earth. Then… multiple seconds or even minutes everything springs back to life. Lights that should have come on minutes earlier suddenly turn on. App commands respond as normal.

I first started to notice this maybe two weeks ago and at present it seems to occur almost daily at no particular time of day.


Yes, and it affects both local and cloud processing.

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Yes! Yes! Yes!

It started immediately after the last hub update! And I mean like as soon as it was done too.

Drives me nuts cause my motion sensors were placed to account for the small lag I had before, which was pretty consistent due to the cloud.

Now… Who knows when things are going to turn on…

I feel like I’m running a SmartWink system.

I don’t understand how this could possibly occur ever in fully local automations (e.g., official motion sensor linked to official switch using official Smart Lighting).

Can you confirm? I finally have a Hub V2, and eliminating latency is the only incentive I have to upgrade (and I know the limitations as to what can run locally…) – so it better work and make sense.

Why do you think that lag / latency would occur on local automations? Have you experimented to see what happens if the Hub is unplugged from internet?

I have always extremely fast responses with almost no lag in my automations with V2. Until the most recent hub update. Everything is slower.

It has to be something in the update that has slowed the preceding speed of events. The hub is the gateway for both local and cloud and it is the only common point.

I have a Hub V1 and also have more lag.

Perhaps there are two completely different causes that coincidentally were introduced recently.

I have noticed lag today but just started today. Doesn’t sound like their is a fix . But it’s driving me nuts all my lights are on motion sensors, including the bathrooms. Can you image having a bathroom emergency slamming the door and the light doesn’t turn on for the Next 15 seconds with no windows in your bathroom.Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

I’m also seeing this. I only have two smart lighting automations, both of which run local. About 3 times now in the last week the lights are not turning off after a delay when motion stops. So much for local processing.

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I’ve noticed some lag issues starting yesterday (Friday). It’s driving me crazy because I think that is something wrong with the Wi-Fi, of with Hub, Z-Wave mesh or Scheduler, but then after a while everything works fast again without changing anything. I haven’t a chance to catch the events in the Live logging while this is happening.
Also noticed today that the ST App (on Android) is take way longer to load, specially SHM that is the first page, and not even talking about the SmartApps that fails 4 times out of 5 to load. :joy:

Even my notifications lagged by 30 mins sometime. Never mind about lights with motion. Just random lag almost a couple of times a week now. At least the time based events are still working.

Maybe not too relevant for people who use Android for the mobile app, but as an iOS user I too had been experiencing periods of lag since the last update whereas I had normally been very happy with responsiveness for my UK based system operating in France. I hadn’t got round to updating the mobile app but I did it now and the issues all went away. In fact, it’s faster than it has ever been to respond to motion based lights on. After the ST update, I had been getting an “error loading rooms” message in the mobile app before I updated it. My theory is that there had been some back end changes which didn’t work too well with the old version of the iOS app and that caused the lag periods. Maybe I missed something saying that the mobile app had to be updated at the same time as the ST change?