Off-line performance?

Has anyone else experienced the v2 hub offline? I’ve had two extend internet outages in the last 3 months(Thanks TWC) and I’m shocked how badly the system runs offline. I use the Smart Lighting app for 95% of what my house does and have Aeon Lab sensors and GE switches, so there shouldn’t be any issues.

Motion triggers activate several minutes after motion is detected or not at all. The “Turn off after motion stops” function completely stops working. Trying to turn the house lights off before going to bed is annoying to say the least because they just turn themselves back on several minutes later when the app decides to react to motion.

What can be causing this and is there a fix? Local processing is a requirement for me when it comes to HA. Basic automation should just work no matter what your internet is doing. When my internet is working the system runs great. I’ve even avoided many of the problems people have been reporting, but this thing needs to work off-line as advertised.

Sounds like you should contact support.

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The following page has the links where you can check what on your account is eligible to run locally. That would give you a place to start.

If your smart lighting automations are eligible to run locally and things are not performing as expected, then, as @sidjohn1 suggested, I would get in touch with support.

Everything is eligible for offline use on mine. I received the following explanation when I contacted support.

"Currently, there is a known issue with local processing taking some time to send the command with no internet connection.

I will follow up once I have some news."

This is the primary feature of the v2 hub and it doesn’t work. I’m not sure what to say other then to be sad and confused.

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Certainly ok to be sad, but to help clear up the confusion…

We are talking about a group of friends that put a kickstarter project together a few years ago. Not much more than a proof of concept, and it seemed most of the effort that was expended early on was to get acquired rather than build a solid platform beyond the proof of concept. Then the marketing engine kicked in, thousands came, and now they are in deep doo doo.

And even though Samsung bit, SmartThings still has a lot of issues with usability, reliability, scaleability, security, etc., and they still don’t have the personel to avoid anything other than playing whack-a-mole with all of the above, and not being able to finish any one part of things.

With all of that said, it is the only thing currently that will do what I want short of writing it myself, and opening up a DMZ on my LAN. As long as you can see it for what it currently is… a convenience; toy; hobby; something to impress yourself, friends, and neighbors… it’s great. But don’t believe the marketing hype that you can count on this to secure your home with critical device management.

You know, thus platform has really been good for me. It folks the needs I require for my home and must of the time it dies then very well.

I’m cheap and I have found ST to meet that cheap yet works good enough model that I have.

Yes, there is more reliability to be found elsewhere. If I wasn’t into electronics and tinkering I would want that system.

ST isn’t for everyone, but it is for some. Unfortunately the marketing machine does their job very well.

I suck at proofreading. So I’m not changing the above do this strategy makes sense.


I’m not counting on this to [quote=“scottinpollock, post:5, topic:46755”]
secure your home with critical device management.
[/quote] but the ability to work offline is a premier feature of the version 2 hub and it doesn’t work. How many other devices would you accept that kind of performance from?

I’m just shocked that this has gone unnoticed for so long. ST should be upfront about what the system can/can’t do so people can make informed purchase decisions.

Oh it has been noticed. Like everything else SmartThings, it is unfinished. Hopefully it will get finished some day, but at the moment, they have much bigger grouper to fry.

I’m trying to figure out if that’s a typo, sarcasm, or a Freudian slip, but it’s pretty funny whichever way you take it! :laughing: