Why is this wrong? (currentSwitch)

I have a LIFX light bulb in a lamp right next to me. I am writing some basic stuff to flash colors based on events.
Or, if the light is off, to turn it on as a certain color.

So, I ran into a snag,… The light is being reported as on, even when it’s turned off.

log.trace(“Light: $broom.currentSwitch”)
5:19:38 PM: trace Light: on

I did turn the light off using the LIFX app, and not ST. When I turn it off with ST, it’s fine.

Expected behavior?

Absolutely expected behaviour. The lifx cloud doesn’t send status updates to smartthings and thus smartthings doesn’t know the bulbs status has changed until the next polling cycle, or you hit refresh. It’s the same with Philips hue lights.

You get the best experience by only changing the bulbs status via smartthings

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I can live with that. Thanks!