Lifx Bulbs not syncing / updating their status?


Using the new app, all good for a year or so , but noticed the status of Lifx bulbs doesn’t update?

Bulbs off, but status shows on… also using ActionTiles, so this error is repeated on the tiles too.

Assume this isn’t just me? Any update / fix?


Try to open the LIFX app and check that it has cloud connection. If it does, then send an email to LIFX to fix the issue in their SmartThings integration.

Sounds similar to the recent Lutron status issue. While this is not the option you will want to hear, you may want to remove the lifx integration in menu > settings > linked services and add it back. Note: removing the integration will remove all your lifx devices and any automations that have lifx devices associated with them. So take screenshots of any automations before removing the integration. You will need to recreate those automations after you add the lifx integration back.

Or contact ST support and see what they say :slight_smile:

@itchy I’m seeing the same thing.

  • LIFX devices are all connected to the cloud
  • SmartThings and ActionTiles status don’t sync, but I CAN use either to control (weird)

So, I deleted the service from SmartThings and tried to re-add it through Add Device>LIFX, but I got the following error:

Couldn’t add device
A network or server error occurred. Try again later.

I think this indicates the servers aren’t talking probably due to a change on one side or the other. Now, to figure out who to complain to :man_facepalming:

Have you reached out to either of them? Any info?

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I can also confirm the desynchronization problem at my home - which is causing basic lighting automations to function intermittently, or not at all. Would someone at ST please check the cloud integration from my local ST connection ( to LIFX’s API? Both of my mobile app and Windows ST app are desynchronized with LIFX. Please fix ASAP.