Why does it say my hub does not support Matter?

I noticed with the new (Samsung account) when I look at the details of my Hub it says “Matter Not Supported” does anyone know why it only shows 1 Hub when I have 6 on the system and how can I find out why it does not support Matter. I was under the impression that my hubs would support Matter. Is there a list somewhere that tells you exactly which models support Matter and which do not suppot Matter?

  • screenshot?
  • which model hub do you have?

Sorry meant to attach that and forgot.

Model is ET-WV525 for the main one but I have 6 of them. Might have different models not sure 3 were bought at a seperate time.

Here’s the official support article, but it’s a little out of date because it only lists the V2 and V3 hubs, not the station or the refrigerator dongle, which now also support Matter.

But in any case at the time of this posting the WiFi mesh models (like yours) do not support either Thread or Matter. :disappointed_relieved: