A new ST hub?

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I saw this come up in my news feed. The wireless charging has me scratching my head. Who thought it would be a good idea to take a device with multiple radios that constantly send and receive, and make it so you put another device with multiple radios that constantly send and receive on top of it? Oh, and let’s not forget about the heat that’s generated from charging. That will certainly improve the situation.
IMHO, a Smartthings hub should be as isolated as possible while still being centrally located in the home.


That is a bit of a head scratcher …

not sure what this device is intended for, but there’s no reason to assume it won’t support Matter. Matter is at the application layer, not the physical transmission layer, so it won’t necessarily show up in an FCC application. Indeed, both the SmartThings v2 and v3 hubs received firmware updates to support Matter long after their FCC certifications.

Since it has a Zigbee radio, it could probably also run thread in a MultiPAN setup.

So I’m not saying it will support Matter (again, I’m not sure what this device is for), but I don’t see anything to indicate that it won’t.

Maybe it’s intended as an add on to Samsung Smart Televisions, like their current Zigbee dongle?

That was my thinking too. I always keep in mind that many of these articles are written by people (or even AI) that haven’t a clue about the topic they are writing about.

I just found the whole thing odd since they ceased production of the V3 altogether. To include wireless charging is like “hey, here is something else we can write on the box!”


I swear there was discussion in the past about a tablet like device that would act like a hub.
I think that’s what this is.

The wireless charging bit likely means that the device supports wireless charging.

Edit: this is what i was thinking about, so maybe not

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Yeah the one you linked to had a screen, and was basically the same as the piece on front of the smart refrigerator, just offered as a standalone in a smaller size.


The one at the beginning of this topic is very different. No screen and it does have a zigbee radio. :thinking:

Also, Samsung, being Samsung, the one that wasn’t actually a hub, the one with a screen, they called a “hub,“ and the one that actually is a hub, the one with a Zigbee radio, they are calling a “station.“ :laughing:

Based on one of the fcc docs it can do multipan

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I think it’s safe to say SmartThings has officially dropped z-wave from new WASH products :man_shrugging:

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The model number they’ve given it suggests they see it as part of their wireless charger range.

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@Expose Yeahhh that device is nuts. There’s literally ZERO chance of me recommending that to anyone.


My hub is 2016 v2… i will happily buy into an updated official ST product that improves on the v2