Why do we get new random problems with SmartThings?

How does SmartThings work for weeks in a row but completely stop work the next week?

So my Alexa completely stopped functioning with ST, I unlink it, relink it.
I log-in with ST through Alexa, find the hub, then all my devices are listed as Object, Object…
It didn’t do that a few weeks ago. So I can add these “Objects” but Alexa is still not working with it.

Same problem here:
Using my Harmony remote and realize the button is not working to shut off a ST light.
Go to devices in my Logitech app, no devices detected with ST.
Delete ST, re-add. Find the hub, all my devices are listed Object, Object. Same as Alexa.

Tried resetting everything, modems, routers, all hubs, etc.
Why does ST simply stop functioning so often? It is so unreliable.
And the support email is comical.

I had an issue with my Harmony setup. In order to troubleshoot, I completely removed it. When I went to set it up again all devices show up as “object, object, object”. So I don’t know what device is what… Yes, getting frustrated…

Two typical reasons.

  1. SmartThings staff changed something. This could be in the cloud, it could be in the firmware that gets pushed out to your hub. The “object object” bug you’re seeing is almost certainly because SmartThings changed something.

  2. The architecture itself is somewhat fragile, and you can run into a “musical chairs” situation where one of your requests to the cloud gets timed out just because they’re busy.

SmartThings has a particular problem because if the request was part of a recurring schedule, it leaves the old request pending, so you end up with a schedule request with the trigger date in the past, so now it can’t possibly run.

So if for example you have a light schedule to come on at sunset every day, and it gets timed out on Monday, it won’t run on Tuesday either because it thinks it’s still waiting to run on Monday.

You will find many threads discussing both of these problems in the forums. There’s also a list of known system issues in the community-created wiki:


I know it’s frustrating. I wish I had a better answer for you. Smartthings stands out against the competition in its price range for versatility and openness. But not, unfortunately, for stability.


I wonder if the recent change in OAuth has anything to do with these recent problems?


These changes were put on hold for the moment.

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Not the “announced” change, but perhaps one of the several major security related changes that SmartThings has made without release notes over the past couple of months.

I can understand that open security issues must be kept secret, but the fixes should be announced to help identify side effects. Of course, that would also reveal the past vulnerabilities that Customers were exposed to unawares, so … :cry:

Yeah, I have the same problem and opened a ticket with support. very disappointing because I use my remote to control my lights regularly.

I also had to get a motion sensor to work around the timed routine bug. Instead of running my Night routine at a specific time (which was unreliable), I added Things quiet down via motion sensor and it’s working.