The Honeymoon is over

Been using ST for a couple of months now, came over from Revolv which worked PERFECTLY, but we all know what happened there. Prior to that, a loyal X10 then Insteon user. Really got in ST, so much so that I outfitted my parents house with a system over the holidays.

Over the past couple of weeks, more and more things have been ceasing to work. I’ve dealt with it, managed the hiccups, even reprogrammed my entire system a couple of times. But over the past two weeks, it’s getting ridiculous. Hello Home phrases aren’t firing, and when they do, it’s incomplete. Devices are powering on in the middle of the night, others are shutting down. Motion Sensor triggered actions are running late. And the worst part of all of this - it’s just started happening at my parents house.

I’m sick of this. And I know I’m not the only one. ST needs to get their shit together or they’re going to lose another customer. And I don’t feel like I should have to wait for V2 of the hub. I bought THIS product, the company needs to stand by it and make sure it works. Never had a problem with ANY previous HA installs. But Smartthings, you are letting me down in a major way.


Lord knows we need more these kinds of threads… :expressionless:


Even my Hello Home actions are acting up. Out of 3-4 lights in my Good Morning, there is always a light or two missed. Same with Lights on at sunset, Good Night etc. They have been pretty steady for me lately but it started acting weird this past 2 days or so.

My system has been fairly stable, but it is also a small system. The past few days the smart app has been dragging though. I wonder if we’re seeing a surge of new systems since Christmas/CES? Not that that should be an excuse.


My most often observed issues are that notifications are lost, or scheduled items run late or not at all. But this is not new; it has been happening here every week since last June, with some weeks being worse than others.

They simply can’t keep up with the load, and the more customers they get, the more traffic related issues there will be. The V2 hub is designed to alleviate some (or all) of that, but we’ll have to wait and see just what its local capabilities will be.

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@tslagle13 - these kinds of threads should not be discouraged, especially by other members of the community. For the amount of money that I have spent with Smartthings, I think I have every right to voice my complaints. It becomes even more problematic when you have security features tied directly to the system. Or, in my case, parents who don’t have a clue what the IDE is or how to use it.

I am sure there have been a surge of new ST users since Christmas, but that should not be an excuse for the problems many are encountering. Smartthings should be smart enough to scale up their infrastructure.

For the record, I have about 40 devices connected to my system…


We definitely welcome feedback like this on our forums.

I do want to make sure though that you’ve contacted support at either or via live chat at

You definitely shouldn’t have to wait for the next version of our hub to get a working system. We can assist you with troubleshooting and figuring out what the root issue is.


My actions and scheduled tasks have been terribly inaccurate for a week now too again. Tired of running around shutting off lights that aren’t firing off when they should, or actions not sticking to the hello home mode I set. Things like action dashboard is about all that keeps me enthused right now to put up with these unexplained issues and silence from st about capacity problems.

Still like ST but it’s like that one girlfriend you had that kinda just hung around and you weren’t sure whether to break up or not. :slight_smile:

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Again the same old complaint from me but can’t scream it loud as it is still supposedly in the lab aka graveyard. The Philips Hue integration is going from bad to worse for me. Logitech Harmony Home integration is totally dead. Won’t even comment on the Sonos. Things that don’t work for me far exceeds the number that works for me. In fact I have stopped ranting these days. I do consider lab = graveyard. :frowning:

If it is not getting fixed, please do let us know. At least I will move my schedules to the stock apps. Peace!

And talk about mesh. 3 powered ST powered motion sensors, 3 powered ST smart outlets in two adjacent rooms separated by a single wall. 13 hue related products which apparently has its own mesh separate from ST zigbee mesh???

I have realized that 2 extra clicks/touches to launch the stock app and perform the action without headache and heartache: priceless.


I saw similar things until I static IP’d my hubs (smartthings, HUE, sonos equipment). I static IP’d them through the router so a power outage won’t kill all my devices.

My devices have always been assigned a reserved IP address; it has not helped with the issues I’ve experienced.

I have everything w/ reserved IPs as well, and my Sonos schedules have been very unreliable recently. Hue are working fine, but I don’t have anything scheduled on them.

I don’t have random lights and switches going on at different times during the day, I do have Sonos responding super slow to Hello Home commands, and scheduling sees to be very intermittent.

Are people having issues with controlling devices through the app or dashboard?
Or people having issues with scheduling of devices?
Or what are all of the issues? My system hasn’t been as reliable, and the ST app on iOS is getting slower, but it isn’t super unreliable. I have about 80 devices in my environment.

I was wondering if you guys reboot the hub and repair the zwave network periodically?

Have tried that but the repair rarely fixes anything and the hub reboot is a crap shoot of fixing anything…which means most of my stuff is cloud issues at ST

Everyday. :frowning: 20 characs


sorry to hear you are having a bad go at it.

Can you please let me know what isn’t working for you with Sonos. Also, what type of Sonos devices you are using? Finally, what specific harmony remote/hub are you trying to pair.

Can’t really talk about HUE, since I don’t own any. I plan to continue down the GE link and invest in many of the other multi-color bulb solutions that are hitting the market in the next couple of months. I have seen many of you other posts, and understand you are heavily invested.

I haven’t had to reboot my hub, but it could be the amount of devices you have on it. I currently only have around 15 devices, which are very simple in their reporting nature. I would assume the more SmartApps you have working, the more problems that could occur. Hopefully v2 will fix this with a local engine. For now, we are dependent on AWS, your connectivity to the internet, and the quality of your mesh.

@thrash99er er Does your Sonos connect direct or run through something like a Logitech Harmony? Just curious, since this could be a reason for your delayed prompts. I tested the weather report at a certain time, with a Sonos Play 1, and had no problems. I was going to do a scheduled + motion trigger to do this, but haven’t set it up. I did have the Sonos trigger a dog barking sound, when the front door was open, but this has nothing to do with schedules.

I use an Android device to predominantly interface with the ST, but that shouldn’t make any difference.

Talk soon.

@Lupismaximus I connect to the Sonos direct, and don’t run it through Logitech. I do have the Sonos Bridge, because I had Sonos before the allowed each device to configure to Wifi.
All of my devices are using static IPs, so that isn’t the issue. It is just very flaky.

Yes, it feels really pathetic, but I have an old analog circular light timer that I plug my hub into. It cuts the power every night at 2am. The main driver for me on this is that a lot of my devices just randomly decide to stop updating the hub about things like temperature, etc. They will be humming along in the activity log updating temp (which drives my HVAC) every 8 minutes, and then suddenly hours or days will go by with no updates. It isn’t until the hub reboots that they start updating again. Im frankly embarrassed for ST. :frowning: Unfortunately this happens more frequently than once every 24 hours, but I have yet to come to grips with having it reboot twice a day. Yesterday I got home to my house at around 85 degrees. The temp sensor reported 66 degrees and then stopped updating. I am getting to the end of my rope. :frowning:

Same here. Sonos for me is much better now since I have moved the Sonos BOOST to the basement connected via Ethernet to 5th gen AEBS. ST hub is on a completely different floor. Each and every device of mine has its MAC Address tied to a reserved IP. 3 AEBS (6th gen. connected via Ethernet on different floors with only one handing out ip’s. and the rest in bridge mode with fixed channels spread wide across. Internet is super fast. My own Sonos notification app works 99% of the time. I do not rely on the ones which are available. There are three Play 1’s which connects to BOOST via SonosNet.

Logitech Harmony Home Integration is a known issue and nobody can fix that besides ST/Logitech. As such I do not use it for anything but A/V functions.

Philips Hue integration is my biggest grievance. Any third party app along with hue stock app can turn on/off the 13 hues “INSTANTLY” each and every time. This is where ST fails nearly each and every time. Just to clarify hue hub is on channel 25.

I just returned mine. I was using it for turning Christmas Trees on and off. It was consistently turning one on or off and leaving the other on or off. This was especially worrisome when using Goodbye. Leaving Christmas Trees on when no one is home is dangerous. I would leave the house, wait 10 minutes and check. Almost always one was still on. The good news is I could turn it off from my phone without going home but I had no faith.

I did open a ticket for it and they did try to help but too much back and forth and I finally pulled the plug.

I like the idea. I will continue to follow ST but for now not reliable enough for me.

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