[OBSOLETE] Home Notify

Home Notify is a SmartApp for SmartThings that performs various types of notifications when certain things happen at home. This app can be installed multiple times to allow for different profiles based on your current mode.

The purpose of this app is to replace some of the functionality of Smart Home Monitor though I can be used along with it. I am a believe in smaller is better / purpose built is better.

Home Notify allows you to select contact, motion sensors, and moisture sensors to trigger your notifications. You can also select a single mode or multiple modes so that this only executes when in a specific mode. If you want Home Notify to do things differently based on Mode, just install another instance of the SmartApp.

You can choose to be notified in a variety of ways: Alarms, Music Players, Speech Synthesizers & Push Notifications [any combination of them]. Set off a siren or play a track on an alarm, play a track on a music player, and / or have speech synthesizer announce the event description (think: Front door has opened).

Again: If you have several scenarios you would like to control, just install the app from “My Apps” multiple times.

Also, this app also has the ability to suppress notifications during an arrival window. For example, if you set your arrival window to 5 minutes, the app will ignore your arrival and not set off alarms / notification during that window. This is the only part of the app I haven’t done extensive testing on.

Because I am a believer in smaller is better, I don’t have plans to add anything related to turning lights on, … I have another app for that called Trigger My Lights if you are interested.


I’ve been hoping for ST to add custom moisture notifications to SHM that are separate from the moistures sensors that I want to close my valve. Since they haven’t, my second wish was for Parent/Child “Notify me when” - also hasn’t happened.

Any particular reason why you are opposed to parent/child structure?

Are you referring to why I didn’t build this as a parent (coordinating app) and child apps to do the work?

yes, then it wouldn’t require multiple installations. Sorry, not trying to complain, just thought it would help.

I 100% agree. It is on my list. I just started writing device handlers and smart apps a month ago so some of this is a learning curve. I’m writing apps and device handlers quickly so they are stable and usable by and others that think the out of the box ST apps are way too limiting but also don’t want to use CoRE for everything.

I use CoRE for some specific things and I wouldn’t have been able to get my HA setup and at least usable by my family without CoRE. I have however taken some of my common use cases and moved them to custom apps because I dread this one thing about CoRE that are likely not even CoRE’s fault…

Configuring CoRE pistons can be a pain because it is slow. I have some interesting rules that have taken me 20+ minutes to configure just because there is a lot of trial and error. Making changes is almost as bad.

However I also did have an issue with CoRE. I had trouble keeping to Cooper RF9500s in sync controlling the same lights. So I wrote Toggimmer and it works perfectly.

I’ve also built these because I like writing code and I think they will help others who can’t always figure things out. My parents are going to get ST (as soon as they visit in a few weeks and see my setup). My dad will likely buy a ton of devices but won’t want to / be able to figure CoRE out in all cases.

I have a couple key pieces of functionality I have to add to a few of my apps then I plan on tackling the parent / child pattern.

I’ve written a lot of stuff for only doing this for 30ish days. Take a look, everything works except for the scheduler which is on hold as it depends on the parent / child pattern…

Just saying it one more time, CoRE is a necessary tool. I use it today.

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