Support for Range Hood needed since the legacy Smart Home app is no longer supported

I recently purchased a Samsung Range Hood that was supposedly compatible with their smart apps and other appliances. Unfortunately, after getting it installed, we discovered that it’s only supported in the Smart Home app which Samsung conveniently discontinued in April, 2020. If I download and install Smart Home, it immediately redirects me to my Smartthings app for controlling appliances, but the Range hood never shows up and the app is basically useless. According to Samsung support, it’s not compatible with Smartthings, so I’d like to request that Samsung port over the code/capability from Smart Home to Smartthings (like they indicated they would do when they discontinued Smart Home). I’m sure I’m not the only customer who is having this issue.

Just to be sure you understand, this is a user-to-user community for discussing SmartThings. It’s not an official Samsung or SmartThings support site.

You might want to make your request via a Samsung technical support phone line or website.

My bad. I thought the features and feedback section was where I could post a request like this. I didn’t have much luck with Samsung support, and couldn’t find anything on their website like a developer forum. Their feedback form was a fire-and-forget type of form which makes me think it’s not exactly monitored by developers. I’m just trying to find a place where the developers frequent and can provide feedback, or even a solution. If anyone knows where I can find such a place, I’d appreciate a reply. Otherwise, please disregard if this isn’t appropriate for this forum. Thanks!

Just wanted to set your expectations.

There are a few developers who hang out here so they may happen across your post. Not sure what they’ll be able to do about it, though. I worked for a large software firm for a couple of decades.

I don’t know which model hood you have from what year but I have this one 36 inch Under Cabinet Hood in Black Stainless Steel Hood - NK36N7000UG/AA | Samsung US and it connects via bluetooth only. Also, it only connects to a cooktop via bluetooth, no ranges supported (unless they added it in the 2020 models idk). So it doesn’t have compatibility with the old smart home app or smartthings unless once it connected to a cook top you could control the fan through the cooktop.

Yep, that’s close to the same model I have (NK36K7000WS/A2). I know it only uses BT to connect to the cooktop, but according to the manual and Samsung support, once the two of them are connected, the hood is supposed to magically show up in the now defunct Smart Home app with full control over the speeds, timer, on/off, etc. I guess they were using the cooktop to proxy it or something, but when they moved everything to Smartthings, apparently this function wasn’t moved along with the others. I’m still trying to find a place online where I can actually chat with developers. Samsung support is a dead end, and I’ve submitted feedback via their website, but it’s a one-way conversation.

i am in the same boat. i have a cooktop and hood vent. in the old app, once the hood vent was paired to the cooktop, the app could control the lights/fan on the hood vent. now that the old app is gone, this functionality has been lost. its really annoying because this ability to remotely turn off the hood vent lights was one of my primary reasons for purchasing the samsung instead of another brand. very disappointing.

another gripe is that the cooktop will not connect to recent wifi access points unless you turn off many of the features that improve performance, essentially converting them back to an old 802.11g equivalent.

Given that the hood is wifi, seems like it should be possible to integrate it like the other samsung appliances that are offered in the new app. Using the exhaust fan would be useful in automations to control humidity, CO, C02. It would also make it possible to pair with Samsung ovens in addition to the cooktop. The oven allows automations based on mode, so it would pair nicely.

I’m confused. Both the specs and the previous posts say the hood is Bluetooth. It connects using Bluetooth to the cooktop. :thinking:

Yes. It connects with Bluetooth to the cooktop itself so it kicks on/off when the cooktop is used. Seems like a poor man’s automation at a premium price. But the hood also contains wifi and was connected to the now defunct Smart Home app. That allowed you to use the hood through the app as well. With a port of the wifi to the new app, you would be able to replace all of the prior functionality and add in support for ovens as well.

I can’t find anything that indicates that the hood also includes a Wi-Fi radio. Costco describes it as “Wi-Fi enabled“ but Samsung only says “WiFi monitoring“ and that’s only if it’s connected to the cooktop.

If someone who has one can post a picture of the label with the FCC ID, we can look it up there and find out for sure. :thinking:

I don’t have one physically, but dug this up.

There are two main hoods that come in 30" and 36" variations

Here is the manual. Info on features is on page 10

This appliance has a feature which allows you to pair compatible Samsung cooktops and your hood via Bluetooth.
After you enable this function and pair your hood and a compatible cooktop, the hood fan will automatically come on at Low speed when you turn
on a cooktop element. The hood fan will also shut off automatically when
you turn off the cooktop elements.

In addition, after the hood and compatible cooktop are paired, you can
download the Samsung Smart Home app to a mobile device, and then
use the Samsung Smart Home app to:
• Monitor and control the On/Off status of the hood.
• Monitor and control the fan speed.
• Monitor and control the lights.
• Set the hood shut-off timer with the time-up alarm.
For more information about downloading the Samsung Smart Home app
to your mobile device and using it to control your hood, visit:

Product listing says it has remote control and monitoring via the Smart Home app

Yes, but that’s only when paired to a cooktop, and that’s exactly the feature that’s now broken. As people above have reported. :disappointed_relieved:

The “Smart Home” app was an app specifically for appliances which has now been replaced by the “SmartThings” app when they combined everything into one app. There used to be multiple different Samsung apps Depending on the specific Devices being used.

Smart Home app had a different icon:

But it’s dead now.

Nice to see I’m not the only one who misses that feature. I only wish I could find a way to submit this as an issue to an actual Samsung developer but I can’t find where they take requests like that. Most of the options I’ve tried have just been dead ends or black holes. It’s like they fired all of the Smarthome app developers so no one knows how this was set up originally. Anyone from Samsung monitoring these forums?

Based on the description, it sounds like the cooktop may be relaying status and controlling the hood over its own wifi connection (Cloud → Cooktop → Hood) and just playing middleman for the hood. Samsung is still selling this feature for their cooktops though, even though the Smart Home app is done Cooktops | Electric, Gas & Induction Cooktops | Samsung US

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This forum was set up years ago so that customers could help other customers. It’s not an official support forum.

The best thing to do is to log it as an error on the official support channel

Or from inside the smartthings app, choose “menu“ down at the lower right and then the gear at the upper right for your account settings. There will be a help link there.

There is also an official Samsung support forum for appliances which is monitored by Samsung employees, so you could also post there, although given that you’re asking about the app they may send you back over here. :thinking:

Thanks, I will give that a try.

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As an owner of this hood I can confirm it its bluetooth only. The wifi aspect for control would be through a paired cooktop (which I don’t have, I have a samsung flex range). I was disappointed it didn’t have wifi because the website made it seem like it did. Only hope is for someone to make a bluetooth dongle that could communicate to the hood somehow.

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The SmartThings Hub and Aeotec replacement both have a BlueTooth radio onboard, although it isn’t utilized. Maybe that will be flipped on at some point. Would require the range to be nearby though, so I’m guessing a dongle may be better. Cracking it open and adding some relays may be a quick way to get connectivity.