Whirlpool Smart Water Softener (Works with Iris)

Not seen in compatible device list. Simply suggesting this device. New to the Smart Home world -
New to this forum! Already posted as a reply, seeing if new topic approach works better.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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I would also like to request this.

Thank you.

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I would also like to see this added!

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Would love to get this working on SmartThings. I have this water softener but iris app gen 2 is horrible.

Has anyone made any forward progress on this? Just moved over from Iris and have a device now that I paid hundreds over the cost of a non-connected version but is now a very large paperweight.

Just called in and added an official request today…keep you guys updated!!! Keep in mind, the more people who request this application the faster they will produce it.


Any update on support for this device? Would love to get my water softener back online again.