Which water valves work with ST?

Looking for water gas valves that work with ST. Any inputs appreciated.

Check out ZooZ, Econet, there are bunch of white labels available on Amazon. Any Z-Wave water valve will work with SmartThings.

Here’s one:

All of them use the same core motor and Z-wave chipset, the only difference is in the mounting brackets.


Check out Leaksmart. I have a couple of those and they work great, and they’re Zigbee too. Their earlier generation ones for the Iris system can be found really cheap on ebay. Their new models are wicked expensive. Here’s an eBay listing for one with a water sensor too:


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Do they work with default v.3 app device handler or do you have to run a custom DTH?

Works with the new app perfectly, no custom DTH required. It uses the stock ST DTH. Here’s how it looks in the new app: