Water Shutoff Valve


I am planning to buy a water shutoff valve. I would like to link my moisture sensor to that valve and have it closed when the moisture sensor get activated.
I was looking at this website http://z-wave.pl/en_US/c/Solenoid-valves/15/2 and I was trying to understand if the
Z-Wave module TZ76 can be integrated into ST.


This looks highly likely to be able to integrate to SmartThings. Z-Wave (if in the frequency for your global region) has a broader compatibility probability than arbitrary ZigBee devices, actually.

Quite a lot of Z-Wave Valves are set to work as “Switches” (i.e., they join as a generic Z-Wave Switch, and on = flowing, off = closed.

If you have a source with a good return policy, it would definitely be worth a try if you can’t wait for someone else to do it first!

Also saw this one announced but have no idea how compatible it may be. It may allow you to install without any plumbing involved. It’s considerably more expensive however.

There are a lot of clones of this design.

The connectivity (Z-Wave) is not complex, so any of them “should” work, though durability and reliability will vary.