Which TRV's?

Hello all. I want to automate my heating at home (hot water radiators) since it is not working very well when I am using it manually. Here’s the thing: I would like these TRV’s to get their set temperature through the ST-network, preferably from some Aeotec Multisensors I have around. So the flow would be like this:
The sensor senses that the temperature is too low/hot.
It sends this info the the hub.
The hub applies some smartapp magic and sends a command to the TRV’s to turn on/off.

Is this possible? And if so, which TRV’s can I use?

I use Honeywell TRVs from Amazon, around £25 each and use them exactly as you describe. I use the Normally Open version so the heating will still work if ST ever goes offline… I use the Virtual Thermostst app to turn them on and off. Works very well, except I have to remember to use negative logic, as they switch on when up to temperature, so I treat them as coolers…

Oh, that sounds nice. But for $25? And these work over UK/EU z-wave? Since the price is listed in dollars I wanted to make sure. And do you have a link if so?

Not dollars - £25 sterling from Amazon UK… Search for MT4 230

Oh, sorry. I blame myself for being absurdly tired today. Thank you so much! Will check them out.
Question: Does these require a permanent connection to power? It seems they do, and if so I cannot use them :pensive:

A bit more pricey, but not mains powered, I got an e-mail about these coming soon:

Z-wave and battery powered with (apparently!) the ability to change the set temp through the TRV by twisting it like a normal old non-smart TRV makes them quite tempting imho, though also very expensive to kit out the entire house… :unamused:

Not only battery-powered, but rechargeable? Oh, heaven. I want those now. I have been looking at Popp and Eurotronic’s TRVs, but when I asked the respective companies both of them said that they couldn’t be used the way I wanted.

Like the look and price of the MT4 230 do they fit straight onto radiator and what power supply do they need? Obviously they pair ok with ST?

Thanks in advance

They run on 240 volts, so I run the cable to a ST compatible outlet and control them that way - they are not directly controllable by ST as they are essentially just a dumb mains operated valve. To fit them just unscrew your current TRV and install. Mine came with a conversion ring to fit several types of radiator, but I do have one radiator with a very odd valve which I will have to replace at some point…

So you would just plug them into an ST socket and switch that way?

Spot on. Don’t forget, if you get the Normally Open version, the logic is reversed. Need to switch on when at the right temperature…

Thanks will be having a go at this next week. What sockets to you use offical ST once

In case this thread is still active:
Check out the Eurotronics Spirit TRVs here:

I’ve got a working (if not quite perfect, yet) device handler to allow control from the ST app

I realise this topic is quite old, but can you share the device handler for this trv?

Ummmm the post literally above yours links to the thread where I shared the device handler.

or you could use this link to link directly to the relevant post

The device handler

Thank you.

And they are really cheap and good.

I have 1 installed. See them now for €40 excl postage and package.

The device handler is very nice made.