Which Tapo cameras are compatible with SmartThings?

Tplink Tapo cameras are both affordable and feature-rich. I have personally tested the Tapo C210 model, but unfortunately, it does not have native integration. However, there are numerous other camera models available. I am curious to know if there are any camera models from the Tapo family that are compatible with smartthings.

Smartthings has never offered much camera integration.

The easiest way to see the official Integrations is to open the Smartthings app, choose add device, choose by type, and then cameras. That will show you the list of brands, and there will be a tiny link that then let you see the full list of models. Note that most brands offer integration with only a couple of models.

Here’s the list as of the time of this post for the US. As you can see, no tapo models are listed. :disappointed_relieved:

Are Tapo cameras IP cameras with Onvif compatibility?

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