Tapo C100 integration ST

Hello, i bought a Tapo c100.
According to Tapos homepage you can add the C100 to ST. I followed this guide: How to configure Tapo devices to work with SmartThings app | Tapo

I completed it but After linking Tapo my devicelist is empty… please help.

Is there Any workaround?

Contact Tapo support. Also try to unlink and relink the provider followed by killing and restarting the ST mobile app

The page you linked to states the P100 (smart plug) is compatible, not the C100 cameras… unfortunately :frowning:

Ohhhh… missed that… thank you!

Is there any workaround…?

Not that I have found… yet!

There is no integration for Tapo cameras with SmartThings.

The mentioned method is applicable for other devices.

Actually I have asked them this week for when we should expect the support of SmartThings for their cameras. This was their response:

​ ​Thank you for your support request.

We are sorry to inform you that there are no plans at the moment to add smartthings.

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TP-Link Customer care

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Tapo cameras are compatible with several protocols/systems. I wonder if anyone smart enough would be able to work on a workaround to get this working in SmartThings.