TP-Link Tapo Cameras appearing in ST

Recently cameras in my linked Tapo account have appeared in ST with motion sensor capabilities.

Wondering if this is new and if anyone else has seen it or, alternatively, has this been around for a while and I’ve missed it?

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Yes my 2 tapo cameras just showed up in SmartThings today as well. My Kasa camera that I view in the Tapo app didn’t though.

I can view the live feed for my Tapo cameras in SmartThings, but yes they show up as motion sensors.


Kasa devices do not come through the Tapo integration to ST.

You are right. My point was just that they are the same company and TP link has enabled their Tapo cameras as motion sensors in smartthings but not their Kasa camera.

Not surprising really since TP Link considers Tapo their higher end line and Kasa as the budget line.

Thank you both for your responses, the Tapo integration and functionality is definitely making improvements recently…

Unless it’s just me they aren’t working as motion sensors anyways. Mine both show no history even though my cameras have detected motion multiple times in the last day.

Which is a good thing for me, because my alarm would have gone off if they were. My Home Monitor is set to “Use all motion sensors” and my outdoor cameras detect motion a few times a day (mostly squirrels). I’ve changed it to not use the cameras, so if they ever do start working it won’t set of my alarm though.


I have two Tapo cameras.
And older indoor one which will preview in ST and shows as a motion sensor, no history though.
I have a very new model (c325wb) which can also preview and just shows as connected.
Only the older one can be used to trigger a routine at this stage.

I can use my two C310 as triggers for routines, but they never actually get triggered. Yours actually get triggered and run the routine?

I’ve not tried it to be honest, I don’t really want routines on the indoor camera but i will try it on the outdoor c325wb if that feature gets enabled.

Thanks, Does yours work ? Mine just gives a blank video screen …The annoying part is the TAPO APP doesn’t work anymore and my ONVIF video feed to Tinycam and ACTIONTILES has gone also. :angry:
Do you use ALEXA …because it now appears there aswelll … a C100

@glowworm my setup is very different from yours and I have no problems with cameras serving multiple clients (currently 2).

Will NEVER go near Alexa - I know how much it records… :scream:

I just got the C320WS and I get live video feed in ST!
That’s great!

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Tapo joined the Works With SmartThings program recently for some cameras indeed, is it possible to control features like the privacy mode?

Just motion detection…
No privacy control.


Not directly but I have used a P100 socket in Tapo and Tapo automations to switch privacy mode dependent on socket on/off. This is possible in Tapo app with 2 automations - switch on: privacy, switch off: no privacy.

Then switch state, and so privacy, can be controlled and interrogated from ST with the Tapo integration which exposes the P100 to ST :blush:.

Works well and if a little LED is in the socket it alao gives a useful visual indicator :+1:

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That’s a clever workaround! I use IFTTT to turn the privacy mode on/off in an ezviz camera, Tapo is also compatible and I believe it has that action too. Of course, IFTTT is so limited now in the free tier.