Anyone uses a Zooz Z-Wave Dimmer Switch ZEN27 for a 4-way or 5 -way?

Zooz Z-Wave Plus S2 Dimmer Switch ZEN27 VER. 2.0

Been out of touch, so in the past you had to replace all mechanical switches with smart switches, in my case a 4-way means 3 smart switches. Apparently this one only requires you to replace the mech. switch that supplies power to the 4-way circuit and you don’t have to touch the rest of the mech. switches.

Anyone using this particular or equivalent switch? How’s it working for you? Any recommendations? This or another brand that you like?

BTW I have an ADT hub if it matters/compatibility wise.



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Thanks for the tag @TonyFleisher. Hi @Reno.nv, Zooz is our in-house brand so if you have any product-specific questions, feel free to reach out to us.

You can definitely just replace 1 of the 4 switches to automate the whole set-up. The other switches need to be mechanical on/off switches and if you use them to turn the light back on, it will come on the the last brightness setting. If you operate the lights from the additional locations, the status change will also be reported to the hub.

The switches work well with ADT for basic on/off and dimming control. ADT doesn’t offer a way to customize Z-Wave device or access any of the advanced features like scene control so you won’t be able to take advantage of that part of the switch.

We hope that helps!

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If you get the Zooz zen22 you can use dumb momentary switches and get dimming at all locations.

I am doing this. I have 2 areas with 3-way using Zooz zen22


I have one installed for a light that has 5 switches connected to it. Worked as advertised. I just replaced the switch with the power line in it and tapped the neutral. All other mechanical switches were left as is.

I was going to install one for another light, but unfortunately there was no easy way to get a neutral wire to the box with the power line.

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I have over a dozen Zooz ZEN26 switches and ZEN27 dimmers.

I’ve done a number of 3-way setups with them but I’m happy to say I avoided any 4- or 5- way circuits when we laid out the electrical design for this house!

The switches work great, support is excellent. A couple of speed bumps along the road but all sorted out by support.

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I did a little bit of researching on this plus with everyone’s positive comments @Ben_Nicholls @HalD @professordave @TonyFleisher , I’m going to give it a try. The only concern was with some posts elsewhere of the Zen27 not being able to handle the load and burning up. You do have a 1 year warranty right?

I’m going to open up my switch boxes when I get home to confirm my wiring. I think I got this… as far as I remember the way my house is wired, the middle one in the circuit is a “cross-over” or a 4 -way switch, now I only need open up the 3 ways on the ends first.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I will consider this.

edit: I don’t think my load/bulbs and line are in the same box on my 4-Way. So it might not work for that but might for the 3 ways.

That’s correct. The best way to avoid disappointment is check the wattage of the bulbs and as long as it doesn’t near a 100 W for LEDs and if you keep both sides of the tabs on, you should be fine.

This limitation actually doesn’t apply to the set-up with ZAC99 momentary switches. It would only apply if you were using regular on/off switches in a 4-way. The ZAC99 will work with the ZEN22 in almost any wiring scenario as long as you have neutral in the main box with power.

There is no mention on the ZAC99 page of supporting using a ZEN22 or any other Zooz switch or dimmer.

Will it work with a ZEN27 dimmer in a 3-way?


I agree 100% the Zen 26 is so easy to use in 3 way application. 15 installed and working like champs. I have a few with relay locked on with smart bulbs and local scene control.

1 tap up, full bright.
2 taps up, dim night time.
1 tap down, all off.
2 taps down, color movie lighting.

Its so simple and very cool.


This is a new firmware feature for the ZEN21 and ZEN22 models and they currently don’t ship with that firmware version yet so we’re not advertising it until all sales channels have the latest version. But you can get in touch with us to request the latest firmware pre-purchase if you’d like to try it!

The ZEN26 or ZEN27 switches will NOT work with the momentary ZAC99 since they use a different wiring method and signal communication with the regular 3-way switch.

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I missed the part [quote=“TheSmartestHouse, post:3, topic:185257”]
ADT doesn’t offer a way to customize Z-Wave device or access any of the advanced features like scene control
[/quote] BUT it will still be able to take advantage of this on the ST side of the hub right?

So for a 3-way multi location dimming, the ZEN22 and ZAC99 is the way to go except if my bulbs are not happy? I do have a neutral in all of my boxes. So I would assume the Zen22 will go in the main box and the ZAC will be on the other end.

David, I’m confused as the Zen26 is a switch not a dimmer, how are you able to do scene controls with dimming unless you meant that you are doing this with the other (one or more of the 15) Zens?
What do you mean by relay locked on?

I use smart bulbs with the zen 26 and use ABC Button Control app to assign button functions such as half bright or full bright. I like it better than a dimmer, but you need smart bulbs to do it.

Yes, if that includes the SmartThings app and its capabilities, you’ll be able to use it.

Correct. You’d follow the same diagrams as included in the manual and if you’re not able to match your set-up with the examples, just get in touch with our support and we’ll create custom instructions for you.

How would the wiring diagram look if using the zen22 with 2 zac99 in a 4 way set up?

Hi Jared, that depends on how your current 4-way is wired. We recommend getting in touch with our support with images or a diagram of the existing set-up so we can advise on the wiring.

My current 4 way set up has 3 boxes. Each have neutrals. Each has traveler running between them. Line is in a box on 1 end and the load is on the box at the other end.

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