4 way micro switch?

I have a 4 way switch in our kitchen. 3 switches controlling 9 BR30 bulbs. Currently I have the Zooz Zen24 dimmer controlling it all. What I’m wondering is there a 4 way relay/switch module like the Enerwave z wave micro switch available that could be put behind dumb toggle switches?

You should be able to do that. There are number of zwave relays out there. They typically have an input you can connect the dumb switch to and control them. If the wiring allows, you sometimes can use the “string” of 3 or 4 way switches to as input to the one relay. I doubt you would get dimmer control at all 3 locations though.

All of the relays or micro dimmers we know of only support 3-way / 4-way set-ups if you have both direct connection to power and load in the same box - that’s not the most common way 4-way’s are wired but if you have a ZEN24 working in that set-up, it means you may just be in luck (it also only supports this one scenario)!

You won’t be able to dim from any of the switches if using regular on/off toggles, you’ll only be able to adjust brightness from the Z-Wave system or through voice if you have a connected smart speaker.

We recommend looking into Qubino relay and dimmer or Fibaro relay and dimmer, both companies make high-quality devices. Also if you have other switches in the same box as the master one (with direct connection to power), you can use one of their double relays that’s usually the same price to control another toggle switch in that box (this is just on/off control though, no dimming).

If you purchase from our website, feel free to reach out to us for help with wiring or Z-Wave set-up!

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