Best motion sensor/detector for lights? (2017, now out of date)

Hi im looking for the best sensor to buy for triggering lights, anyone got good experience with some of them?

I have ST, Fibaro, phillips hue and Orvibo.
All integrate ok.
I got different types so that I could evaluate which is the best one.
These work well and can run locally. Mine do just stop reporting and need a battery pull to reset them.
Reports motion and temperature.

Only have one and it has never locked up and needed reseting.
Reports motion,lux,temp.

I quite like these and they have lots of parameters that can be configured.
I have had one that gets stuck on motion.
Reports motion,temp,lux.

Not my favourite looking one but seems to be the most sensative for detecting motion. Not the best DTH but I have never had any issues with it. Always reports accurately.
Reports motion only.

So. These are my findings and I suppose you first need to decide how you are going to use it and what you need it to report.

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I use the iris gen two found at Lowe’s. Cheap and they report temp and motion. They work great for me and they run local.


sounds interesting, cant find a place to buy Iris in canada.

For hue: do i need the philips hue hub?
fibaro: too expensive, pass
orvibo : worth a shot
Theres one call zooz 4-in-one sensor too

Hmm so many options
@bobbles, hue vs orvibo?

couple of places im looking to add those:

Personally I would pick the Hue over the Orvibo as it gives more options for automation.
You don’t need the phillips hue bridge.
You will need the custom DTH though.

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My favorite is the zooz motion sensor zse02. Have quite a few of them and never had an issue with any and they are the quickest of any I’ve used.


I will second the Iris Gen Two motion sensors (can be purchased at Lowe’s or on Amazon). Have two and they have worked flawlessly, response time is great too. Better luck with Iris motion sensors than my V1 and V2 SmartThings motion sensors (sometimes lag and have had more than a few false motion events… positive for ST sensors is great battery life).

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I too have about 3 Iris motion sensors . They work great for the money. Its small in size, priced well compared to others.They work flawlessly to trigger my lights.

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Thanks for all the feedback, i will most likely get the hue one.
Its cheapest one i have seen in canada. and if i dont need a hub then its a win


I have 5 of the Iris and all work great for lights.

Will the Zooz ZSE02 Motion Sensor work with RBoy Zooz 4 in 1 Motion Device Handler? I am looking for a motion detector that I can primarily use for triggering lights. I want something very quick and also want to be able to set the re-trigger Time to maybe a second or two. How does it work out of the box for you. What’s the re-trigger time default. Maybe I don’t need a custom Device Handler.

The ZSE02 is non-configurable so it has a fixed sensitivity and pretty quick re-trigger time but you cannot adjust any of that. It doesn’t need a handler and will be automatically recognized as a motion sensor as long as the Z-Wave button is locked/pressed-in (if it’s unlocked, the device turns into a tamper sensor instead).

For light automation, we recommend the ZSE09 Mini Sensor which also has a LUX reading which you can add as additional trigger for the rules:

You’ll find the link to handler in the Works With section when you scroll down in the description.

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