UK Motion Detector?

Can anyone suggest a motion detector that works with SmartThings in the UK?

I’ve had it with the Samsung ones. Batteries go mega fast, and i’m now on my 3rd replacement which just stops working

I currently use Xiaomi, Fibaro and Hue.
All pair with the ST hub but the Xiaomi ones do require a custom Device Handler. (DH).
Xiaomi are cheap, around £10 and the Aqara ones do report Lux but only if motion is detected do they report it.
Hue report Lux, Temp and motion and I find mine works well.
Fibaro report Temp, Motion, Lux and vibration.
Hue and Fibaro are more expensive.
It’s just a question of what you want. If its just motion then I’d go for the Xiaomi. They can sometimes be a bit of a pain to pair to the hub but I’ve never had any issues pairing them.
You pays your money, you takes your choice. :wink:
I must admit I dumped my ST ones 18 months ago as I found them to go offline and generally be a pain in the axse.

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Is this the Fibaro one

Do all the features work on it, LED notifications etc?

Yes. I have 3 of them and I do like them.
They are about the size of a golf ball and have parameters that can be configured to suit what your needs. I use the lux reading on one of them to control when lights should turn on using the illuminance level.
Also, if you get fed up with them you can practice your golf shots with them. :smile:

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Which are the Xiaomi ones?
I didn’t raise they made zwave stuff

I have a few of these

as stated, a bit messy sometimes to pair… But they always have

On sale quite regularly on Heartbeat etc

Oops… Autocorrect


How have you added the Hue motion sensors into Smart things?

I’ve got a few of them dotted around my house but they don’t show up as a device in ST for me.

The Xiaomi ones are zigbee as are the Hue ones.
As for pairing the Hue sensors, I factory reset them and then they pair OK.

Do they still work/appear in the hue app?

No they do not.

No. I’m afraid not.