FAQ: how to check recent events/smartapps for a single device (SmartThings Classic)

If you want to check which smart apps/routines are using a specific device, or you are seeing unexpected results with a device and you want to track down what is causing it, you can start with that device’s details page in the mobile app.

  1. Open the mobile app

  2. tap the my house/rooms icon (four little squares at the bottom of the page)

  1. choose “Things” at the top of the screen to display a list of your devices.

  1. find the device you want to check in the list. Tap on its name (not the icon on the left or right of the name, just the name itself) and that will open that device’s details page.

Five) once the details page is open, you can click on “recently” at the top of that page to see the log of recent events for that device. That way you can see exactly which smart app/routine caused an event.

Six) once you know which smart app has caused the event, go back to the details page and click on “smart apps” at the top of that page and you will see a list of the smart apps that are associated with this device. Click on one item in the list and you will open the set up screen for it. That way you could review it settings to see if you can determine what caused the unexpected event.

If none of that clears up the issue , you probably need to go into the developer tools and look at the full logs, or just contact support for help.