Logs for ST app?

Is there any way to see detailed logs for the mobile app? Came home to an open garage and wondering if a button was pressed accidentally on the dashboard etc. We have a few different instances of the app so trying to figure out what happened. Couldn’t find anything in the graph.api

There is an Event History Log available for every one of your Devices in the IDE (https://account.SmartThings.com) under My Devices. I cannot say for sure exactly how complete or detailed the Event History Log is; it does not, for example, say which phone or tablet triggered an action, but I believe it shows pretty accurately whether the action was initiated by which specific SmartApp(s).

If you want a more secure option for offering control to multiple persons in your household, I’d like to point out that Secure Panel Sharing feature of ActionTiles ($23.99 web based app) helps ensure that only specific Things that you share are controllable (or read-only or hidden or PIN Protected!). We don’t offer customer-accessible event history or event logs (yet!), but we can do some degree of diagnostic research upon request - we can at least confirm or deny that ActionTiles initiated a command, for example.

The following FAQ may help (this is a clickable link), although I don’t think it directly logs specific tile presses in the mobile app. But it may help you get some more information.