Which Harmony Remote?


(Ran) #1

I am new to ST and just not sure which remote I need/want. I have read some of the post, but some come with a hub, some don’t and well I just got myself all confused.
I have ST, light switches, blink, Amazon Echo’s, and I use Apple TV and Amazon Fire Stick.
I welcome your insight to those that are using Harmony, especially with the Harmony+Alexa feature!
Thank you


You need any harmony hub and any remote that will pair with the harmony hub. All harmony hubs are essentially the same after a firmware update.

(Scott) #3

I went with this one:

Logitech 996-000118 Harmony Smart Control with Smartphone App and Simple Remote (Refur… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00L5H1IQM/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_api_XmipxbKE689M4

(Eric Bergan) #4

I went with Elite’s because of the design of the remote itself - the screen is back at the top. Been happy with them, except fo the cost and the screens a little sensitive.

(Joe) #5

I have the Harmony Hub and the Elite remote. Here is what my review on the device is:
I don’t hate it. I also don’t think it’s the best remote in the world. The rechargeable batter only lasts about 2 days and the integration with smartThings isn’t the best. Last I checked, you can only control the lights when launching activities and not with a button macro. So you could do things like press the Movie time activity and have your lights dim, but not press pause and have the lights brighten to 30%. (If this has changed, please someone correct me).

Personally I like using my phone as my remote. If that is something you think may interest you, check out

Simple Control

They require a little more custom setup, but integrate better with smartThings IMHO.

(Jimmy) #6

I went with the Harmony Smart Remote Control (915-000194) since it was the cheapest and my dog likes to eat remotes if we leave them within reach. Got the refurb model for $50 on an Amazon Deal of the Day.

(Ran) #7

I am going to try iRule as that sounds perfect!

(Ben W) #8

I have 2 of the Harmony Home with simple remotes. For advanced things can use the app, but for the most part just use a handful of buttons, and the simple remote meets the needs. Using my phone seems to take too long for simple things like turn up the volume (unlock, click app, then go to volume), even had a dedicated tablet that I used for a bit, always go back to the simple remote.

Sure you can find it better priced but here is what I use: