Logitech Harmony help

Hello everyone. Happy New Year !!

I’m new to Harmony and i need some help here.

My Needs:
Use the Logitech Harmony Home/Smart Hub/Remote ato integrate it with my home automation setup like Smartthings, Hue, Alexa & Google Home. I also need to use the Harmony remote to control my Samsung Smart Tv, 4K Blu Ray player, Roku Player, Yamaha receiver & Epson projector.

I’m confused by the below Logitech Harmony products i see in store.

  1. Logitech Harmony Smart Control - Model # 915-000194
  2. Logitech Harmony Home Hub - Model # 915-000238
  3. Logitech Harmony 700 remote - Model # 915-000267. - Currently this item is on sale in Best Buy for $39. I’m looking only for one single remote function.

My Questions:

  1. Which Logitech Harmony product will be better fit for my needs? Is there a single solution for my needs i listed above?
  2. If i buy the Harmony Smart Control (915-000194), will the remote be able to do everything that a Harmony Remote 700 does ?

Thanks in advance,

I cant answer your first questions, but based on the research i did yesterday, the 700 series remote doesn’t work with the hub. That’s what their overly complicated chart suggests at least.


It peeves me greatly that my GREAT Harmony One remote wont work with the hub, and seemingly all of the remotes that DO work or cheaply constructed or sacrifice functional buttons for touchscreen space.

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I have about 6 Harmony remote controls. I do not have the 700 but that seems to be a lower end remote.

I do have a version of the Logitech Harmony Smart Control - Model # 915-000194. I purchased it refurbished for about $80 and it looked brand new. They all can control just about any IR based device and some can control Bluetooth and RF based devices with a blasters. If your devices are IR based then its a pretty safe bet they will work with all of the Harmony remotes.

For the Harmony Smart Control it will do nearly everything the IR remotes do and it will integrate with Smartthings. I in fact like the Smart Control remote much better than the more expensive and bigger remotes with screens and touch screens. It fits in the hand nicely its lightweight and I have never needed to change the battery in 1+ year.

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Harmony hub is what you need to integrate into the system. I have the harmony companion. It includes a remote that has a few home control buttons. I got it specifically to turn off one lamp. My wife finds it easier to just tell Alexa to do it.

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What I have (and recommend) is this:

If you look at this page you’ll find refurb/used options:

Scroll down a bit and (at least as I post this) you’ll see a refurbished unit from Amazon Fullfillment for $69 - ridiculously great deal. Comes w/Harmony RF remote, hub, and one IR blaster that you can connect to the hub.

That will do all you want.

I have and LOVE this remote/hub. There is also an app for Android/iOS that you can use on your phone.

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Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

@Danabw Thanks for your tips on the refurbished item. I went ahead & ordered the refurbished item from Amazon.

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Great, glad you got it. I almost ordered it for our (rarely used) TV in the office when I saw it at that price, but I’ve been “smartthinging” the house over the holidays and my wife is starting to see red when I buy another smart device. :slight_smile:


Thanks @Danabw . Same here for me as well. Whenever i get home any smart home device she always complain that i spend more money and i dont allow her to shop for her things. :slight_smile: