Looking for a Camera with recording automation

I am looking for a good camera that works with smartthings. The goal is automation based recording.

The cameras need to be outdoor rated, and also need to be able to be plugged into a power source. I have outdoor plugs located near each camera location.

The Arlo cameras look like very capable units, can the charge cable be left connected 24X7? Also does the ultra work with smartthings?


The Arlo Pro units would indeed fit your requirements. They are robust and work with SmartThings. I have a couple that are permanently plugged in. You can remove the battery (useful spare for non-mains powered units) and you should use the outdoor cable as it has a more waterproof connector.

Sadly the Arlo Ultra is not supported, search for “Arlo Ultra” to see a number of other discussions on that in the forum.

Have you noticed a problem with your Arlo cameras that are permanently plugged in not recording for a set amount of time? I have my cameras that are in constant AC power set to record for two minutes with motion but the only record for about 12 to 14 seconds.
I have one camera that is on battery power only and that camera does not have a problem. There’s an entire thread in the Arlo community about this.

I just tried this @eric182, setting two mains powered cameras and one battery powered camera to record for 120 seconds instead of just whilst detecting motion. All recorded ok for 120 seconds so all seems ok for me. Share the Arlo thread and I’ll troubleshoot more if that helps.

It’s only arlo pro 2’s

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