Best Security cameras

Can someone suggest the best battery operated cameras? I’d like 2-way voice, night mode, indoor/outdoor, good resolution, and the ability for them to double as motion sensors to trigger automations.


I can only speak from my experience in Australia. I have used the Arlo Pro 2 and the Arlo Pro, and both perform well. I would not recommend the Arlo Doorbell as ST does not support it as yet. I don’t know about the new Arlo Pro 3 or the Arlo Ultra or that fact any ones apart from Pro 2 and Pro. These cameras also act as motion sensors in ST.

As you asking about Battery power camera’s I would also suspect you are asking about Wireless Network connection. This can be an issue as the Arlo Cameras use 802.11 WiFi but will only connect to a the Arlo Base station typically around 300 ft line of sight. I have found that when you do not have full WiFi connections (all WiFi bars in the Arlo App or Website) then the connection time to connect to the camera’s is extended from around 10 seconds to over 30 seconds.

Lots of information out in the forums on the Arlo cameras but there are a heap of cameras around, just not many that are battery and ST compatible.

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Yep, Arlo Pro 2 would meet your needs. They work well for me triggering outdoor Hue lights via SmartThings.
Note that the new Arlo Ultra cameras are not currently supported however. They also use a different base station.

Thank you. I’m going to be setting up the smartthings WiFi mesh with the 3 nodes (one on the first floor, one on second floor, one in the basement), the cameras will be scattered through all 3 floors. The hub will most likely be in the basement near the center of the house. With the mesh system and the Arlo hub in the basement, should the cameras have adequate signal?

Yes, they should have adequate signal. I have a similar setup (albeit using Google WiFi mesh points with an Ethernet backhaul) and the scattered Arlos all work fine.

In my view the verdict is non conclusive as to if there is enough Arlo WiFi signal from the most remote camera to the Arlo Base Station. I don’t know what building construction the location is made out of. If it concrete or steel frame, or even if it has Solid plaster walls, this will significantly reduce the Arlo range. Even if the house is just standard wood frame and plasterboard, it only takes 1 wall to have a large amount of wiring in it to reduce the Arlo WiFi signal.

In general Arlo cameras are reasonably robust with their WiFi signal. Your WiFi mesh will also suffer from similar issues but as it is a mesh, depending on the MIMO & antenna configuration you should be fine. The only way to determine most of this before purchasing is to use a WiFi base and a signal strength meter (or alternative configuration) and do some walk around signal strength testing. In this day and age with every man and his neighbour attempting to get longer and stronger range on their WiFi signals, your problem might not be just physical objects, but airwave congestion.

You may be saying at this moment “Fair cop digga, whats a cobber ment to do. Chuck a Uey and and go Walkabout!!!”. I say give it a try, but be careful when unpacking the Arlo just-in-case you have to return them…

I wish you fair skies and a fair wind at your back on your endeavour!.

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