Where to find activation code

I’m looking for the activation code for my hub after throwing away the box. Where do you find it on your account? Or how do you attach a hub to a new account without it?

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Thanks. I tried to search but didn’t find anything.

I found my welcome code in the battery compartment, fwiw.

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This is ridiculous that I can develop apps, connect and manage devices in the IDE, rearrange automations from the app… but unable to add another user without a code that I can only get from calling support!


At least you had a welcome code. I just opened my hub package and there was no card with a code. There was a set-up guide and a safety instructions sheet.

V2 Hub? If so, try opening the battery compartment and see if it is printed inside.

The v3 hub requires you to use the new SmartThings app to claim/register the hub. No codes required. Afterwards you can go back to using the ST Classic App if desired.

How smart is a thing if they do not put the stupid code in the box you need to activate the stupidthing??? Mine did not have a code either. So far NOT impressed!!! No batter compartment on this hub.

The newer version doesn’t have a battery compartment… or fricking code it seems! How smart are they if they don’t include the code you need to turn the stupid thing on??

Try this:

Set up a SmartThings Hub

In the SmartThings app:

  1. From the Dashboard, tap Add device

  2. Tap Add Device Manually

  3. Tap Wi-Fi/Hub

  4. Select SmartThings Hub IM6001-V3

  5. Select how you’d like to connect your Hub by tapping Wi-Fi or Ethernet

  6. Follow the in-app instructions to connect your Hub, which are reproduced here:

  7. Connect your Hub using the included power cable and, if necessary, network cable

  8. Don’t unplug the Hub during the setup process. Setup will take 5-10 minutes to complete

  9. Tap Next

  10. Using your mobile device’s camera, scan the QR code located on the back of the Hub

  • If necessary, tap OK to give SmartThings access to your camera
  • If you’re having trouble scanning the QR code, tap Add device by serial number and enter the code manually
  1. Tap Next
  2. If you are setting up the Hub via Wi-Fi:
  3. Select your Wi-Fi network
  4. Enter your Wi-Fi network’s password, then tap Connect
  5. Wait a few moments while your Hub is connected
  6. Tap Tap here to set a location to set a geolocation for your Hub
  7. Hold and drag the pin to your location, or enter your address manually
  8. Pinch and zoom the circle to set the size of the geolocation
  9. Tap Done
  10. When the Hub is successfully added, tap Done

If you have not already created a Location, adding a SmartThings Hub will automatically create a Location (with the default name Home ), which is the main launch pad for your connected Hub, devices, and Scenes.

Connect your Things

  1. From the Dashboard, tap Add device
  2. Android: Tap Add Device Manually
  3. Select the category of your device
  4. Tap the name of the device
  5. While the Hub searches, perform the connection/inclusion process specific to that device
  • Follow the on-screen pairing steps or consult the device’s manual for instructions
  1. When the device is discovered, a message will appear that the device was successfully connected to your SmartThings Hub
  2. Tap Edit to rename the device
  3. When finished, tap Done
  4. Tap Done again to confirm