Cantset up smart things hub

cant set up smart things hub . no welcome code i guess.

If it is the v3 hub, use the SmartThings (Samsung Connect) app. If it is a v2 Hub, use the SmartThings Classic app.

I D/l the app. it wants a welcome code. I can’t find a “welcome code”

Is it a v2 Hub? Try looking in the battery compartment

Samsung SmartThings Hub 3rd Generation [GP-U999SJVLGDA] Smart Home Automation Hub Home Monitoring

no battery compartment

You need to use the SmartThings (Samsung Connect) app to initially set it up, not the Classic app.

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I did use the samsung connect app. One of the first boxes to fill in is enter the welcome code . I can’t find a welcome code

screenshot of the page when adding the hub?

I guess the hub is set up, but since i don’t have anything else smart in my house except tvs, i have nothing to test it yet. i ordered some sengled light bulbs, a samsung motion sensor, and a few samsung multi purpose sensors (for the doors) from amazon. I do have echo dot (gen 2)

I guess I should change my name to "confused’ or maybe “brain dead”

Hey we’ve all been there.

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I guess my next question would be"does Sengled smart LED light bulbs work with smartthings hub"? I couldn’t find it listed in my “supported devices”.

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I got a multipurpose sensor to work which was my test. I tried with a led light but I guess i bought the wrong type of bulb. Lifx takes it’s own app. But to be honest, I’m a frigging genius compared to most salespeople I encountered including Best Buy, Target, and Lowes. I never was so frustrated shopping getting that “deer in the headlight look” every time I mentioned “smart home” accessories.

So, as I stumble around the dark, I do see a glimpse of light every once in a while.

There should be plenty of information and custom device handlers in this community to help you get up and running. If your thinking of using a device, search the community to see how it works first. It’s likely someone tried it.

f you really love the device you have, put on your thinking cap and write a custom DH to make it work.