Where is the "Front Door Open" push notification coming from?

I have a Pixel 2 with Android 10 and finally decided to transition to the new SmartThings App (1.7.37-25) a few days ago.
In the Classic app I used to have the “Notify Me When” SmartApp to notify me every time my front door (Aeotec z-wave recessed contact sensor) was opened.
In the new app I have no automation, “Notify Me When” is not installed (see picture below) and yet, everytime I open the front door I get a push notification.
This is also true for all my other sensors in the house (contact, leak, smoke).

Who is sending these push notifications and how can I control/disable them?

This is another example to better explain the problem:

  1. I set up a simple custom automation in SmartThings (see 1st picture below)
  2. Now when I open the door I always get two notifications (see 2nd picture below). The first one is from my automation. But who’s sending the second one?

If you still have Notify Me When installed and running in the Classic app, then that could account for the second message. I can’t tell from the image you posted. If you click on each message, it should open the associated app so you can find out if the Classic app is responsible for one of them.

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I no longer have the Classic app installed anymore.
How do I find out if “Notify Me When” is still installed?

Simply removing the Classic app will not stop any Smartapps you installed and are still running in the cloud. Another example is SHM. It will continue operating in the cloud until you reinstall the Classic app and remove any rules and SHM. In your case, remove or disable notify me when from the Classic app.

I don’t have notify me when but there are two places to look in the new app…

Menu > Settings > connected services
Menu > automations

Nope. I reinstalled the Classic app and no smartapps were left behind (besides Google Home and Lutron Caseta services).
As a test I re-added “Notify Me When” in the Classic app and now I’m getting 3 push notifications when I open the front door.

This is definitely a bug in the New app.


When you created the notification in the new app did it “act screwy” when you saved it? Gave some kind of error and you had to save it more than once?

I had something similar (getting multiple notifications) happen awhile ago.

I created an automation to notify me about something and it kept throwing an error every time I saved it. I saved it multiple times and I am sure that it actually created an automation each time I hit save but it was only showing as one rule in the app, not the 5 or 6 that were actually created. I was getting a notification for every time I have hit the save key.

I talked to support but, since no one can see any of the automations created with the new apps “custom automaton creator” in the IDE, they couldn’t help me. I ended up excluding the offending sensor and re-adding it. I basically “orphaned” the automations that no one could see but it was the only way I could fix it.

This was a z wave sensor. Not sure if doing this with a zigbee sensor would work. My experience with zigbee is rather shallow.


That I think is exactly what happened to me.

After installing the new app I started playing with the “SmartThings Home Monitor” SmartApp. Half-way through the setup process I decided it was too complicated and I didn’t want/need it so I tried to cancel my way out of it. This is where I got a bunch of delays, timeouts and errors. I was eventually able to delete the SmartApp from the Android app. Then I noticed from the IDE that it was still running so I deleted it there too, but I guess the push notifications never got unregistered.

We are talking about several contact, leak and smoke sensors. If I have to do it the same way you did I’d practically have to rebuild my whole z-wave/zigbee network :scream:

Isn’t there any other way or tool to purge those “orphaned” notifications from the cloud?

The problem that exists is that there isn’t a way to see any automations created with the tools in the new app. They don’t show up in the IDE. Level 1 support only has access to the IDE and from what they told me, level 1 can’t actually delete anything anyway. They can only view what you have.

I didn’t push the issue with support because it was only one device and for me, it was faster and easier to just “orphan” the rule. I would have preferred to “do it right” but didn’t want to wait forever.

If you can get past level 1 support, you might get some where. I am guessing that someone can see these automations somewhere since they are counting how many we create.

Call support. It’s faster than email. At least initially.

Good luck… Steve