New smartthings app notification not working, Classic app works fine

I have a major problem with the New smartthings app, not only about not receiving any push notification (no basic notification from app), worse: it seems like the New app is trying to constantly send the notification.

I installed an app called “Notification History” from google play store. When an event happens like contact sensor for door opens or closes, it actually captured the notification from the New app. Shows that the notification was indeed from New app. But phone never see its. No popup, nothing in notification panel. Here’s the worse part: That one notification that the New smartthings app was trying to send, well it’s constantly trying to send it… I mean I am getting over 85000 notifications from the new smartthings app based on “Notification History” app. That is not a typo, so far the count is 85523 TODAY only!

Of course I uninstalled the new smartthings app and switched to the Classic smartthings app and everything working perfectly.

I’m using Samsung galaxy S10 phone with Android Pie (version 9)

I’ve tried the following:

  1. Uninstall New smartthings app and reinstalled it
  2. Delete cache and data
  3. Toggle notifications off/on in the settings->history->more settings

Anyone have any ideas to get the New smartthings app to work correctly? Anyone else have this problem? Seems like samsung did not do enough testing on the recent update on April 15th.

same for me. doesn’t work :frowning: still and still any explanation from samsung :(. that looks like success story of migration


Did you get this resolved. I’m also having the same issue.