sendPush/sendPushMessage and new SmartThings app?

I recently started migrating to using the new SmartThings app on my Android devices; mainly for one-stop control of my Samsung appliances as well. I have a custom smart app that I wrote that was installed in the classic app, but seems to appear and function properly in the new app as well. One thing I noticed, though, is that any time a push message is sent from the app (either by sendPush or sendPushMessage), it only triggers a notification in the classic app and not the new one. Is this know and/or expected behavior? In the new app, I only see notification options that can be enabled on a per-device basis. No mention of notifications from installed smart apps. Any ideas? Thanks.

I have both apps installed on my phone, and sendPush in my custom smartapps generates a push notification from both classic and new. Have you checked your phone settings to see if notifications are turned on for the new app?

I checked the Android notification preferences for the app, as well as the notification settings in the app itself and everything is turned on. I do get hub online/offline notifications in both apps, so I know they’re both working. I will try switching from sendPushMessage to sendPush and see if that makes a difference.

So it turns out that switching from sendPushMessage to sendPush did the trick. I guess that was an API that was deprecated with the new app.