Where is the documentation?

I’m struggling quite a bit to find the reference documentation for building a device type, googling leads me back to the fourms and I only see examples, no reference docs. I’m not sure how people develop without a good set docs for the groovy API, what methods are available and their signatures.

Examples are good, but references with tested examples in the docs are better.

eg: storeImage() is used all over by many things, but I cant find it on the docs site. Since there’s no docs i’m not sure what it’s storing or where, it shows up on my phone but i can’t see it later. Thats just one of many.

Essentially, there is no complete documentation. Folks from ST say they’re working on it, but for now, you’re stuck with google, asking support, or posting here. Most everything the community has learned has come from trial and error.

this is what you’ve been reading?



Yep, (the 2nd one just goes to the first one after you click a link it seems)

If you look through and search for storeImage or any of the groovy methods you see used in examples, there are no results.