New Getting Started Docs for Developers

Last week we rolled out some new documentation to help those getting started with SmartThings development. In case you haven’t seen them, check them out!

If you’re new to SmartThings development, this is where you should start.

You’ll also find a handy new tutorial on using Groovy if you’re new to the language (or if you need a quick refresher), along with how SmartThings uses Groovy in some specific ways (including an oft-requested white list of allowable external types!).

We’ve also significantly expanded the First SmartApp Tutorial to dive a little deeper into the SmartThings world and discuss some important concepts.

Now is a great time to start developing with SmartThings if you haven’t already - so let’s get started!


Nice work. I like the Groovy help wish that was there when I started :smile:

What do you think about adding a link to available icons in the “references” section ?

I have never liked this link
because you can’t easily cut/paste the icon path into your app. Also this page is very broken these days. Some icons don’t display and many available icons are not listed.

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I do think that’s a good idea. Certainly we need something better than what we have.

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Something similar for stock ST device tile icons like st.secondary.refresh and whatnot would be great too. Unless I missed it. (PS great work on parent/child SmartApp)

Here is another page that I really rely on that displays weird and may be out of date.

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