The hidden docs?

(Helix Wuff) #1

I’ve been struggling to try to write a device handler for almost 2 weeks now. The lack of docs really hurts, and the examples don’t do much to explain “why” or “what” is available for us tinkerers to smart-ify our common household devices. In my case I’m trying to bring my hot tub up to the cloud. Frustration venting aside, I’m really curious about what type of support SmartThings can give to the folks whom use the arduino shields in their projects. I love support (please don’t get me wrong), but it doesn’t feel like they’re the right folks to be spamming with groovy error codes and pictures of sad pandas.
Help us! :slight_smile:


(Ben Edwards) #2

So I assume you have seen what we have here:

…and it is not sufficient?

Posting specific question on this site is a good start, as well.


(Brian Steere) #3

The docs you have on the support site are all right, but I feel like they are incomplete. For example, I don’t see much about modes. I see we can ask for modes, but there isn’t any subscription information anywhere (that I have found).

Also, the zendesk interface isn’t all that user friendly for api documentation.

(Brian Steere) #4

Another thing I’ve found: there seems to be an object called location, but I can’t find any documentation about what properties it has.

(Dan Lieberman) #5

@dianoga - We agree that the ZenDesk Knowledge Base isn’t the right place for documentation to live long term, but we wanted to get something up quickly to coincide with the general availability launch of the developer tools. We’re working hard to improve the level of the documentation, as well as the platform by which it’s presented.

(Brian Steere) #6

That makes sense. Sorry if I come across as being overly negative. I just received my kit and was excited to dive into development.

(Brian Steere) #7

@dlieberman Since developing seems to be based on Groovy and java, could you guys generate some JavaDocs for people? Even if there isn’t any detail on how to use things, just knowing what methods and properties are available would be incredibly helpful for developers.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #8

+1 on the JavaDocs.

(Todd Wackford) #9

I’m all in.