Best Way to get Started Devving?

I’m trying to dev some apps for myself and while I’ve managed to get some stuff done, I find the documentation available terrible or at least too hard to find things in.

What’s the best way to get started? Is there some third party documentation somewhere that’s better? Is there some fundamental basic I’m lacking which doesn’t allow me to find what I want?


SmartThings “Groovy API” is sufficiently documented for people who are extremely well versed in Groovy and who are able to have extraordinary patience in a non-debugging IDE (i.e., debugging via log_debug() statements only: No breakpoints, variable analyzers, etc.).

And you must also understand it is not pure Groovy - it is a sandboxed environment, and it is pre-processed metadata, etc. … none of which is exposed to the Developer for accurate debugging.

So how to develop?

Visit the various Repos and/or Community shared SmartApps and find one that is closest to what you are interested in pursuing. Start with the simplest possible examples.

  1. Test it. Modify it. Test it. Modify it. Break it. Fix it. Repeat.
  2. Then find a more complex example. Goto #1.