Documentation for Creating Device Types

Has there been any progress on some actual documentation on the creation of new device type(s) and what all of those mysterious methods do, how to implement them, and so on? I really can’t believe that this is not a priority for ST.

Please advise as to status and when this type of documentation might be available. Dead in the water doing SmartThings development without it.


Bump. SmartThings team, can you comment on plans to provide detailed docs on device types?

Testing…1 2 3 testing…is this thing on?

Add me to the list… I’d love to dive into this as well.

agreed. I created my first device this week and it was a lot of guess and check.

The best resource I found, was to look at the examples. When writing code for the custom device type, check the upper right corner. “Device type examples”.

From there you can see the example code.