FAQ: Plug in Motion Sensor? (2019)

New to SmartThings and this forum. Does anyone know of a Z Wave motion detector that plugs into a wall outlet so I do not have to worry about batteries. All the ones that I can find appear to have a battery. I have a unique situation. Garage is under house and in a flood zone. Outlets and switches have to be 8 feet off the garage floor (Ceiling is 10 feet) . Obviously would like to use motion detection to turn on/off the lights in the garage , but would like to take advantage of the outlets being at 8’ so I don’t have to replace batteries.

I’m not sure where you’re located, but if you have access to this

then you’re set. I have one of these in my living room (so I know it works with SmartThings) and it is powered either by batteries or by a microUSB connection. It works very well and also does temperature and humidity (among other things).


In addition to the Aeotec one that @qoheleth.rms mentioned, zooz Also has one that can run off of a USB connection.

If you want something with more features, homeseer has one which is quite popular which includes a lux sensor as well as a motion sensor and temp sensor, and also acts as a night light or indicator light, with a nightlight sized LED which can be changed to one of seven colors. It does cost more than the others, but if you want the indicator light feature, it can be worth it. :sunglasses:

People often use this, for example, to show whether the alarm system is armed or not.

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I believe the GE/Jasco model can also be powered from the wall

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So it can. That’s another one with the USB option. :sunglasses:


FYI: Looks like the HomeSeer HSM200 is no longer available. It’s too bad as this device would have been perfect for my needs!

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