Where are all the V2 Excitement Posts?

Ok, I’m confused here. I understood some people to be saying you can’t do more than 1 mobile presence sensor with V2. I may be misunderstanding the difference between user and presence sensor. Looking at the V2 app, though, I do not see where I can “invite” someone else to access my system, which I believe is how I added the 2 other users I have now. If I move to a new V2 hub, will it be possible for me to re-add the other 2 people in my house via their mobile phones?

  1. I moved from V1 to V2 hub recently and all my 2 additional user(s) are still there. I signed in on my wife’s phone with one of those accounts and added her phone as a presence sensor.
  2. Before my current reply, I just attempted to add a new account to my ST app v2 primary account and was prompted: “This feature is coming soon.” Meaning that most likely scenario is that ST is working on “Rights Segregation” for different users in the family. (I subscribe to this scenario!)

As long as this is the case, I think I’m good. Based on some of the positive reviews here, I think I’ve psyched myself up enough to give this a shot tomorrow night when the wife’s out of town. I’ve got 36 devices:

4x GE Link Bulbs (Zigbee)
12x PEQ Motion (Zigbee)
3x Z-Wave Aeon switches
17x GE Z-wave switches

I’ve also got a MyQ integration and some virtual switches, but I’m less concerned with recreating those.

I have somewhere around 40 rules for lighting and 20 rules for various mode/routine actions. Tearing all these down is the part I’m dreading the most.

I’ll post how everything goes…

Oh and P.S. - for those of you saying wink does worse than 3-4 seconds, that is ridiculous. I had no idea it was that bad, but I would have tossed that garbage back in the box immediately. Anything that takes longer to “automatically” turn a light on than it takes for me to walk into the room and back out of it is worse than a manual switch for me.

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I believe, and im not one of the gurus, only one mobile presense can be assigned to each user. So even if you have two cell phones only one can be used in st as a presensce sensor. You need to invite another user. There may be a limit to number you can do. For my moms hub, i added two users and couldnt add more.

From your app, go to account and you can invite users there. Im still trying to get used to interface.

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Oh I agree with you about the wink getting tossed. I had mine set up for about 2 months. It was really more of an HA learning platform me. I did a lot of research, played around with things, bought stuff and returned stuff… I was just waiting for the ST V2. I had actually planned on ST first, but then I found out the bye hub was coming and I just sat back and waited.

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Ok, see here’s the thread that has me worried:

That really does not look good for me to be able to keep my other 2 mobile sensors if I move over.

@lmosenko - did you do your migration awhile ago? I’m wondering if maybe it worked for you because you did it before they apparently disabled the ability to add other users, which seems insane to me if that’s the case.

I know Life360 is an alternative, but I don’t love the idea of having to bring in yet another integration into all of this.

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I think sometimes trusting an app/functionality to someone/thing that specializes in it is a good thing. SmartThings does presence to help automate. Life360 does it because it’s core to their business model. It’s my intuition anyways. I just jinxed myself of course, :smile:

Also, I personally believe that ST is working on users in a big way, they’re just late on that code. Someone is frantically working to fix the user issue, and I’m betting it comes back better than before. It’s just what I’m reading in the leaves, no hard evidence. Meanwhile, my users came over from my V1 hub setup perfectly fine, I’ve noticed no issue but I haven’t had to add.

(edit: I should add that I use the fobs too, and while very very rarely they’ll drop off and come back, they’ve worked excellently in the kids backpacks).

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I am very new, as in many of the acronyms on this thread are foreign to me new, and I just took delivery of the V2 as I did not want to invest in any sort of HA that did not have bright future. The V2 appears to have the brightest future from what I can tell.
With that being said, I did set up my Ecobee3 and an AeonLabs appliance switch/monitor last night and can now turn off the lights to the kid’s tree house from my house as well as view the status of the Ecobee3 (I also have 2 Nest controllers), so the bug has hit, just not on a grand scale.
I would very much be interested in adding the Nest controllers to the V2 -but understand that may not be possible, and I am eager to learn how to get notifications when away from the house as I will be installing a pair of leak sensors this weekend.
I have some Flux WiFi bulbs -but believe integrating them will require some work, so am not expecting much there.

Anyway, not sure if this is improving the conversation in anyway, but I can say that my first steps were pretty easy, and I look forward to finding out what HA can really do.



Watch out, it is a very slippery slope. Ah, one light works, how about 20? How about motion sensors too, etc etc

What Bruce said…A year ago I had a few lights and a sensor for the garage door. Month or so after that I decided a relay to close it when I left it up and a door lock would be cool. Yesterday I got my harmony hub and was finally able to tell Alexa to turn on the royals game while my hands were busy feeding the twins…Slippery indeed…


When the kids were standing outside in the rain, waiting for the garage door to open…I realized what a half baked software was pushed down to us for beta testing.
The initial delay of 6 months was based on delivering a solution that will live up to its expectation…probably this is the kind of expectation we should expect since now we are dealing with Samsung.
What’s the point of having Bluetooth when you do not have the software to support it? Clearly you are not ready with it.

Migrating over to V2 was not an issue but the long list of defects in the software and inconsistency in behavior is extremely bothering.

Probably take everything offline until the system stabilizes, if it does.


Watch out and don’t slow down! In right behind you on that plunge! Credit cards don’t fall me now!

Dear God man watch your tongue! If they take it off line I’ll be forced to make my kids turn on the lights every time! ! Or worse, I might have to do it! Shame… Shame…

Hey Sid, You should take your complaining to a different thread. This is the POSITIVE experience thread. You will find plenty of sympathetic ears on many other COMPLAINT threads.


I know I am whining, one of the days when u get frustrated when nothing works.

I have a simple question about this garage door issue keeping ST out of equation. I am just a first time home owner(not new but year and half) and thought that most garage openers had a keypad outside the garage to punch in the code and open the garage, clicker type remotes which you keep in your car to open the garage door, home link pretty much built into most cars these days! And I also thought there was the chamberlains native app which could open the door if you had the Internet gateway… Still scratching my head as to what exactly prevents users from opening doors to their garage.

And if you have the newer models of Chamberlain with the Internet gateway, it also has all kinds of alerts via text or emails.


Nothing prevents someone from opening the Garage Door, just like nothing prevents someone without SmartThings from turning on their lights via switch, unlocking their doors with a key, or using multiple remotes to control different vendors’ devices for media activities. However, with the exception of the challenges faced by those like @JDRoberts, most of us are interested in HA because it allows us to make something already easy even easier. SmartThings did a great job of that with the combined/sensor button in v1 at a little more than half the price of the Chamberlain. Further, nothing that was advertised about v2 seemed to imply this functionality would be lost. So I think those of us who used it are curious why and wish it were back.

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So want Something like this? :wink:



Sent ya a message showing ya what I mean so as to not completely hijack this thread.

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So, I finished my switchover to the V2 hub this weekend. It was about as tedious as I expected. Deleted all my smartapps/routines, then went around to my Z-Wave switches and excluded them all. That whole process feels kinda sketchy, but in the end I was able to get them all removed except for 1, which I was able to exclude using the new hub.

I was not able to delete my location, even after removing everything. I e-mailed support, and they took care of it the next day. In the meantime, I went ahead and created a new location for the new hub. Then began the process of re-adding everything. The Z-Wave switches were easy. The Zigbee devices were annoying, especially my PEQ motion sensors. You have to take the battery out, then use a pen to hold the tiny reset button while putting the battery back in to get it into discovery mode. All this of course while I’m on a stepladder because my sensors are all on the ceiling. From there, it was a matter of recreating all the modes, routines, and smartapps.

My other 2 users are still listed under my account. I have not attempted to open the app on their phones to verify I can create presence sensors based on them, but it seems like it will work.

I have just 1 main issue after everything. There is apparently a bug with SmartLights where dim levels aren’t working in automations. You can set them up (i.e. "Turn on and set to 30%), but the hub totally ignores it and just turns the light on, which turns on at whatever last % it was at the last time it was on. This is a fairly crippling bug to my lighting automations as I change dimming settings quite a bit between day and nighttime. It’s really awkward to have lights go to 100% in the middle of the night when I have to get up for something. My workaround for now is to have a routine that sets the lights to the desired “nighttime” percentage, and I run that right before running “Goodnight” but it’s still really awkward and limits what I could do before with lighting rules. Support said they’re working on the issue.

Otherwise, my impressions are positive. Switches do seem to be snappier with the new hub, so hopefully this will give me the improved reliability I was hoping for.

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