Adding a new User in app v2

Put me in the same boat as others here. Just got the Hub V2 (fresh setup), set it up and got my iPhone going, but can’t add another user at the moment. I’m sure this will be fixed eventually, but not a good way to start my Smartthings experience.

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ST Folks

This is getting old and needs to be addressed promptly as it is now two weeks we are waiting for this fix. Presently the system the way it is makes it nothing more than a paperweight.

I see in the forum one already is changing system due to the inability of smartthings to rectify issues promptly.

We need thing to happen in order to make this the superior product it can be.

Let’s do this please.

ah, may need to temper your expectations a bit there @jerzydiver… ST works on their own schedule, and with different “standards”…

on a completely unrelated note, it’s come to my attention that i may be coming off as exceedingly negative today

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I figured I’d add my voice as a data point in case it’s not an issue across all users. I have added my phone to a brand new v2 setup and am unable to add my wife’s phone. Both are iPhones.

I appreciate the effort that is being put towards a solution to this.

You can add me too. I am a new user to smartthings, and patiently waited for the V2 hub. I knew about this functionality, and it is fundamental to my desired setup, so I hope it is restored quickly. I can understand the need to get products out the door, but it is disconcerting that something so important is broken.

I got the following reply this afternoon from ST on the subject of adding additional users -

Hey Bob,
So, you might have noticed that we’ve temporarily disabled the ability to add or remove users from your account… don’t worry, it’s a feature!
We’re improving how user sharing works at the moment - so rather than have new people go through all the inviting and creating only to find out that they can’t actually share the account just yet, we decided to disable it.
Not to worry though, it’ll be back and better than ever, soon! Sit tight, and we’ll let you know when you may add (and axe) loved ones and friends alike. Sorry for the inconvenience. I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we turn this feature back on.
If there’s anything we can help you with in the meantime, don’t hesitate to ask!

Bump. I’m new to the forums and the platform, and had no indication that I bought an unfinished product. In fact, the older YouTube videos I saw showcased multiple users. I have to admit I’m 50/50 on whether to wait or return it and come back in a year.

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Wait it out, buddy! It will come back!

In the meantime, I’ve gotten smarttiles ( set up for my wife’s phone. Set the url as a bookmark to the iPhone’s home screen, and just have her use that instead of the ST app. Then at least my phone can do mobile presence reliably while I set up and test everything and she has the ability to control stuff from her phone.

I’m still fairly confused here. I’ve seen people saying they still have multiple mobile presence sensors working in V2. Is this because they migrated before the feature was “temporarily” disabled? I have 3 mobile users/presence sensors in my V1 setup. If I set up everything on a new hub, will those other users just be gone with no way to reimport them?

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I don’t think anyone has more than one user

A couple people from this thread say otherwise:

I was able to add my wife to my v2 hub. It wasn’t the easiest addition but she is in and controlling things from her phone/account.

They said my users didn’t come over fine? :wink:

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Can you explain how you have added her?

Yes that was the reference, but I said people because I am sure there are some top women working on it as well.

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Likely he already had multiple users before the migration. If you bring your users over that will work, but if you delete your users you won’t be able to add them back. If you are just starting with v2, the option to add users is disabled.

I described the process in a post earlier this week so it shouldn’t be too far down the list of posts. If you read it and have any questions I’d be happy to answer.

I am curious because I would really like this to work.

Your posts are a little vague on a few points but you do say that you migrated to the new hub. Was that from a v1 hub?

Did your wife have an account on that hub already?