PLEASE... Can Anyone Tell Me What The Benefit Will Be If I uninstall my v1 Hub and install this v2 Hub that I purchased last year, other than Headaches?

Hey there everyone involved,

Please let me know of any added benefits to upgrading from v1, and installing the new v2 Smartphones Hub. I have one, brand new one, in the box, but afraid to make the change because of the information received on this forum.

I purchased it because of the extra USB, and stuff that I thought might make it superior and open up more possibilities, Plus the fact it was stated the the commands would be performed locally from the v2 Hub rather than over the cloud. So I thought the speed of commands would be nocibly improved.

Has anyone that has upgraded to the v2 Hub noticed any added benefits??

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Ironically, I am still running on Hub v1, but there are two compelling reasons to switch

A few SmartApps run 100% locally if used with “local compatible Device Types” only…

  1. Smart Lighting; thus reducing the latency for light activation from a Contact or Motion Sensor, or Button Controller considerably (perhaps from as high as 2 or 3 seconds down to 500ms).

  2. Running locally, Smart Home Monitor can activate local alarms and lights (but not send push notifications or SMS), if your Hub and Internet Router is on a UPS.


For whatever reason I found that after switching it improved the speed of communication with local LAN devices.


I haven’t switched yet, even thought i got the v2 Hub during the initial release, because of the headache of switching out 130+ devices. I did try and add the Samsung TV integration this week to my v1 hub, and it said “FAIL”, that I could only do the Samsung TV integration w/ the v2 Hub, so i’m actually considering updating now.