When will Switches with scene control go local

Can’t wait for SmartThings to roll the device handler and app for scene control to go native and then local. Any ideas when?

They don’t release future plans anymore.


The way ST has been going, probably never. Scenes are all cloud based so triggering them would have to be in the cloud too. So, not only would the switch have to be local, the scenes would have to be too.

There’s a Specific screen in the location view of the ide that says if a scene is local or not. Hopefully they make the automation local too.

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Would be really nice. Speed of double tap would increase and would still work if internet is down.

Plus would decrease cloud load which is becoming a problem.

So scenens could run local?
I got the info that all scenes process in the cloud.

They could at some point.

Yeah…lots of things “could” be but there is no published plan to ever make scenes local.

Relax, Scene control is just a name nothing more.

Huh? I’m not following you.

Depending on the context that is not true.

For example, the newer Ge zwave plus switches send double tap to the hub. This double tap is only recognized by the hub if you switch the device handler from the built in local handler to a custom handler that runs in the cloud and NOT local.

Some of the manufacturers in their literature are calling double and triple taps as “scene control”

Also, the effort to support the new Ge switches are minimal, I forget the exact numbers but debugged the code and it seems that the dim rate is reported in a byte in values from 0 to 128 and the double tap report was sent in the same byte as value 255.

SmartThings code was that 0 is off and anything greater than 1 is on. Which actually is wrong. Suppose the switch is off, then you double tap, the switch remains off, but now SmartThings thinks the switch is on, because the double tap signal of 255 is seen as the switch turning on for SmartThings.

Is there any point in reporting this as a bug?


right know there is a device handler and a app. app could fire a scene or just do specific things (scenes are just a collection of one or more specific things).

regardless this is something that SmartThings needs to support natively, and is one of the more useful features of home automation. if you took away my home automation, it is the thing i would miss the most.

SmartThings does support scenes. And that support is native. It is just not local, just like most of SmartThings, it is in the cloud. That’s how smartthings works.

Yes we all know that.

Bump for native support.

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