Struggling with zwave central scene control

I can’t seem to find a lot of information on how to assign or execute scenes for a handler.

Child devices are required from my understanding.

And I guess you can assign scenes by group (if I read all this right) using zwave.sceneControllerConfV1.sceneControllerConfSet.

But how do you know/assign which specific scene you are operating?

Can anyone help? Or point me to some decent documentation?

You’re talking about zwave local scenes, right? Not zwave central scenes or smartthings scenes?

I don’t know about the SmartThings implementation, but zwave local scene controllers are not typically actionable. You can configure them, but you can’t trigger them.

What’s the device you’re working with?

The new Zooz switches have a new scene control feature where if you do a specific sequence it allows for scene control. But I’m not exactly which types of scenes this is supposed to be. This is what they say about it:
“You can trigger 2 scenes or control 2 independent Z-Wave devices in your network using this…” and work on “Scene 1” or “Scene 2”. Just by re-reading that, I’m guessing it’s supposed to be z-wave local scenes, but I’m not 100% sure… These devices already have working association capabilities.

Just got some clarity…the switches use the central scene command class…

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OK, at the present time the smartthings zwave implementation does not technically support zwave central scenes.

So what your DTH has to do is to convert The central scene codes into “button presses“ and present itself to smart things as a button controller. So if your device supports 12 different central scene numbers then it would look to smartapps, including the official smart lighting feature, like you have 12 buttons.

You can see examples of this in the custom code handlers for the Homeseer switches, for example.


Thanks!! I’ll take a look there. I had a feeling this might require a companion smartapp. Which I’ve never done…guess a good time to start. :frowning:

It won’t need a companion smart app. Once you have the DTH done, then it will just look like a button controller to any other smartapp, including web core or smart lighting.

And I give myself points for being able to discuss this semi-intelligently when I don’t do any coding for the SmartThings platform. LOL! :laughing:


Any update on ST and central scenes? Would love to not rely on custom handlers just to get double+ tap functionality on all of my switches/dimmers.