Use smart lights with scenes for local processing?

At the moment, I have read that only smart lights and smart home monitor enable local processing (as long as all devices are local processed), thus working in the case the internet goes down.

My goal is to create a scene with lights (at various dimming levels), that runs local

In the smartlighting app, I can create a automation that runs local but I am limited to setting all bulbs to the same dimmer level. Lets say I use bulb A and bulb B and both are locally processed (in the IDE) and used in the smart lighting app. I can only apply one dimmer level for both bulbs. Result = Local

So I created a SCENE with Bulb A and Bulb B at different dimmer levels, and when creating the smart light app I chosed to activate that scene. Result = Cloud

I there a way to enable local processing when setting lights at different dimmer levels? Are scenes always “Cloud”?

At the present time, scenes do not run locally, although they have said they would like to do that eventually.

Meanwhile, you may just have to use multiple automations, one for each light.

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Thanks, that is a drawback since I would like to activate 3-4 lights in the apartment i a welcome home scenario. Dont now why so much is processed in the cloud in ST of the basic stuff, Hope that is in the next ST firmware update

Because SmartThings is a cloud based platform. Fortunately, my internet is hardly down. I have a Hubitat Hub and have my “must not fail” automations on it.

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I have a pretty stable internt too, but once in awhile it goes down.
Do you recognize any difference in response time between the local (hubitat) and the cloud based scenarios in ST?

Hardly any. Hubitat works just a split second faster for turning on lights. On the other hand, for no reason that I can think of, sometimes Hubitat is slower or misfires altogether. Could be an issue with having so many devices on 2 separate meshes.

That is interesting. I used a Fibaro HC2 before, and although routines were local, they were not faster.

Yeah, I’d imagine different platforms have varying response times.

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