When will IRIS RTCoA thermostat be supported?

Hello, I am a former IRIS user migrating to SmartThings. I have several of the IRIS RTCoA thermostats and would love to use them in SmartThings rather than replace them. I noticed on the website that it says support is “coming soon”. Is there a date? IRIS service shuts off in 3 weeks and will have to replace them if not supported by then. thank you!

You should be able to include them now. Here’s a thread from just yesterday where someone was able to get it paired:

thanks. I’m leery of “generic pairing”. Would really like to see this officially supported so that I have full capability. Also, seems a lot of the threads are about the Classic app and I’m using the new app. I’m getting a sense that the new app has less capability than classic.

They have different capabilities. For example, if you have a Samsung smart appliance or television, you can do a lot more with those with the new app.

The biggest advantage for Classic is in geopresence (many more options in Classic) and being able to use custom code.

SmartThings is in the middle of a big transition right now: new app, new hub, new cloud platform. It appears that the new app is intended to support custom code via the new cloud platform–which isn’t finished yet.

See the following thread for details on the differences (the thread title is a clickable link)

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Pairing (generic or otherwise) will just get it onto the ST zwave network. The assigned device handler (referred to as DH or DTH on the forum) is what determines how much functionality the device has. The current default device handler will likely get you 90% of the way there or better (I don’t have one of these, but I bet @Jbros55 can comment on current functionality). If ST releases an official integration later, you can always switch to that new DH by choosing it from the drop down list in the IDE (account.smartthings.com).

The community is also very active in developing custom DHs that often work better than the default, or solve some particular desire for the device to operate a little differently. As @JDRoberts mentioned, with the current transition there are some custom DHs that work in the new app, and some that don’t. Those that do work may have less functionality in the new app (such as a missing button for a unique feature). As you can always switch which DH you use for a device, you can try out a custom DH until the official integration is available. Note that a downside of custom code is that it is always processed in the cloud.

You can also install the Classic app and use it alongside or in place of the new app. I have a v3 hub and have quickly figured out that I prefer the Classic app.

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thanks JD and Phil for the info. I may try to install the classic app alongside the new one and see which is better for my use cases. In the new app, do you know where I can find new device handlers? Are they exposed at the time of pairing or are they available somewhere else. I had heard there was an “App Store” but don’t see any options for it in the new app.

The device handlers themselves aren’t accessible through either app. To change one, log in to account.smartthings.com, choose Devices, click to edit the device, and then you can change the “Type”. Note that not all thermostat DHs will be for zwave devices, so not all will work with your device (it won’t stop you from choosing the wrong DH, but the wrong DH won’t handle your device properly). There is an official CT100 handler that will show in the drop-down list. That’s probably a really good match for your device (which I’m assuming is a CT101).

For community created DHs, you’ll need to copy the code and paste it into a new device handler (same link as above, but the Device Handlers screen). Once you save and publish, the DH will be available at the bottom of the Type drop down on the Device page. Community created DHs can be found on the forum - any zwave thermostat DH stands a chance of working for you.

Nothing technical here! I simply excluded from the hub initially and repaired following CT100 instructions. One thing I did do this time is had more patience!!! It took quite a while but then it just appeared!

Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:

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Since it can be difficult to get good results using the forum search function, check out the quick browse list to find DHs. There’s a section for HVAC devices.

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I hope these instructions are useful.

Ok, I will work on the CT101’s this weekend. I also have a Go Control z-wave thermostat and after many challenges was finally able to get it to pair and I have basic functionality in the app. What I don’t have are the typical wake, away, home and sleep thermostat settings. Is that in the device handler? I did successfully login to accounts.smartthings.com and can see my equipment. device handler is zwave thermostat. Is there another I should look at? thanks!

Were you able to get the CT101’s working? I have two as well and am waiting to see how you did before migrating them from Iris.

Note that the CT101 started showing as supported on the Smartthings web site the middle of last week, but is still not on the list of devices to add from the app.


Hi Mitch. Yes, I was able to migrate my CT101 over and it shows up just fine in the Smartthings app. It does show up as a device type in my app under IRIS, Thermostat.

I’m not sure the best way to set a schedule for it or any other thermostat. I guess you have to use automations with If, Then logic. not very user friendly