Lowes Iris Thermostat


I took the plunge and bought a Lowes Iris Thermostat and it worked right out of the box only issue was paring. I had to have the unit right next to the Smarthub and then it paired. I can set the heat,ac,fan temp and see actual temp. I think this also could be added to the Preliminary List of Tested Devices.

Thanks again for this awesome product.


It is on the list. It’s a re-branded 2gig CT100. Also Radio Thermostat CT100.

Thanks for posting this. It was a slightly impulse purchase, but a quick in-store google search let us know it should work. We also were able to pair just fine, but had to bring it near the hub to pair. I’d like to know if this is a security feature or bug. The take away for anybody doing this: pair the device before you wire it up :wink:

i’m getting this error with the ct101 or ct100 iris radio thermostat from lowest when i hit configure.

groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: script1418900542786356821869.createEvent() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.String) values: [fanAuto fanOn ]
Possible solutions: createEvent(java.util.Map), zwaveEvent(physicalgraph.zwave.Command), zwaveEvent(physicalgraph.zwave.commands.basicv1.BasicReport), zwaveEvent(physicalgraph.zwave.commands.sensormultilevelv3.SensorMultilevelReport), zwaveEvent(physicalgraph.zwave.commands.thermostatfanmodev3.ThermostatFanModeReport), zwaveEvent(physicalgraph.zwave.commands.thermostatfanmodev3.ThermostatFanModeSupportedReport) @ line 116

this is killing me. is there no way to edit code for ST created devices?

Same configure bug. Havent tried to diagnose it yet. Also this bug:

Now that Lowes Iris will be shutting down on 3/31/19, are there any updates on pairing the Radio Thermostat Company of America CT-101 (Iris version) with the Smartthings hub? I am wondering whether Smartthings is a good replacement for Iris. (I also have a Kwikset lock which should be compatible).

which hub did you pair it to?

I just paired my CT-101 to the ST hub (3rd gen) even though the works with link for this thermostat indicated “coming soon”. I wasn’t having any luck with auto detection (maybe I was doing it wrong) and there is no thermostat in the Iris brand area. So, here’s what I did: 1. Add Device, 2. Choose SmartThings brand, 3. Choose Other, 4. Pick your hub, 5. Put the thermostat in pairing mode.

I had a successful pairing and can control my thermostat now. Good luck.


The thermostat is the last thing I need to move over from Iris. How do you put the CT-100 / 101 in pairing mode, and do you have to exclude it first like I did with all the other Iris devices? If so how do you exclude it.

I have 2 paired. If it is still on the iris hub, unpair it and then place the classic app on pairing mode. The thermostat will be in pairing mode. That should work, at least for me it did.

If not, on the thermostat press the menu button. That should bring up the link button on the left side. Press it twice. The yellow led should start blinking. Place the classic app in pairing mode and it should pair up.

For a video google the iris ones.

If you unpair it you should not have to exclude it. But if it doesn’t pair, go to the zwave utilities in the classic app and choose z wave exclusion. Then place the device in pairing mode as described above. In a few seconds a message like device reset will be displayed.

I followed your instructions and was successful. Works great, many thanks!


Worked for me as well. Thanks!

Great. Thanks for the advice…worked for me. But…you may need to place the Iris hub far away from the thermostat; it has a battery, and I think it was prevent pairing to Smartthings even though I had unplugged it.

Just paired my IRIS Thermostat CT101 with ADT ST Hub using following your directions. It works!
Thanks for your post.

I have four of these thermostats paired with ST gen 3 hubs. The Iris app provided a simple way to setup, modify and run daily programs for each thermostat. I am unable to find how to do this in ST. I have installed the 5 + 2 Day Smart App created by RBoy which is working. Is there a simpler, more visual user interface available?

I am a Lowes Iris orphan. I purchased a Samsung SmartThings hub. I phoned support and was connected with the most wonderful tech who helped me get 10 of my devices working. But, she wasn’t able to help me connect my GoControl thermostat as it’s not listed as being compatible with SmartThings. I’ve had no success at getting it to work myself. Any thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated. If I need to buy a new thermostat, that’ll be okay too. Any recommendations?
Thank you

I was able to get my iris tstat connected to smartthings without issue then the next day I got a disconnect notice. Had to reconnect. It give me troubles… I had to carefully follow the instructions for getting the until to go into pairing mode. Look up the instructions something about hitting menu, mode then mate icon on two times. Nothing seems to work until I took th batteries out. And replaced them. Then it paired up with no problem

I am a Samsung Tech Support Agent and this article just helped me assist a customer in pairing his CT100. Thanks!