When new people post


I absolutely understand the frustration when someone new comes in and posts a question and they obviously haven’t made any attempt to see if the answer already exists. And I agree with those who have said that it’s somewhat rude to the rest of the community.

That said, just a reminder that all of the statistics regarding how many posts someone has read only show the time from when they register for the forum.

We have had many people join the community who have spent a week or more researching and reading various topics and don’t bother to register until they are ready to make their own first post. This is particularly true for those who have a project in mind that will involve multiple devices or even putting together their own hardware. And time spent researching in the community – created wiki won’t show up in any of the forum statistics at all.

So sometimes the best prepared and deepest researchers will only show a couple of posts read in their statistics because they didn’t register until they had finished doing most of their initial reading.

Plus, you know, the forum search sucks. Just sayin’… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(jeubanks) #2

@JDRoberts, I got slammed over on the Homeseer forum for “asking a question” and why don’t I google it… I blew it off, but it happens everywhere.

And one thing is for sure. A lot of forum search functions suck!

Just because someone has low read/post statistics on a forum doesn’t mean they haven’t tried to do some research, and really sometimes it is easier to just ask for directions rather than run around in circles for days only to then ask the same question. Don’t be that guy that won’t stop and ask for directions!!!


Yes the context of search isn’t handled very well in search forms and a lot of terms we use for searching on Google and other search engines assume we are “shopping”. Even at work where I am the architect for Search we can never make anyone happy due to contextual search makes so many assumptions. Maybe if we had access to facets etc that may help.