How 'Bout a NEW USER Category?

Hey, @April, how about a category for new users? I have been bouncing around the boards for several nights now, looking for some pathetic souls who feel as lost as I do, but I keep ending up in all these Categories that have folks asking much tougher questions than I can ever aspire to. Right now, I just would like a Category where the responders talk in newbie language and tell useful things like how to navigate the unintuitive UI, how to find alerts that have been created, and how to find actions/alerts (or whatever the %^* you call them) once the “preferences” screen asks you to give them a Name.
I have about 100 questions that I believe the community could answer long before I get a response from tech support.


I feel your pain! One of the first suggestions I made was a category where the only answers would not require custom code. :wink: (I can code, but don’t want to.)

Anyway, I think your idea is even better!

@ben @april how about a “Welcome to SmartThings! Q&A for
New people” category? And we could direct people to existing threads as appropriate.

Hiya @RicketyTiger,

Thank you for your suggestion. I have created such forum. :slight_smile: Thanks for your feedback! and most of all, welcome to the community.