When is local control coming?

So, when is it coming? I read everywhere that only the Smart Lights app works locally, but that is not my case. Unplugged the Ethernet cable and walked in front of several motion detectors, no lights turned on. Opened a contact sensor, no lights turned on. Obviously I have the V2 hub.

Am I missing anything or is someone else seeing this?

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Actually you have to have only devices that are ran local that are also using the smart lights app.

Check your devices here: https://graph.api.smartthings.com/localDevice/list

Check your local running apps here: https://graph.api.smartthings.com/localInstalledSmartApp/list

I have some door sensors that work local and some that do not.

Check both of these links, they will show devices and smartApps that are set to run local.
local smartApps
local devices

If they aren’t in the list, then usually a custom device is the culprit.
Changing the device to a stock ST device, then re-initializing the smartApp will usually move the automation to local.
At lease it has done so for me.

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Yep. This is it. Pretty useless this local processing in my situation. Wish they had explained this before.

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Before when?, it’s been well known since the first week in September…
What custom devices have you decided that you can’t live without?, every device type in my system was custom until a week ago, I’ve switched all that I can, which was about half over to stock, with no actual loss in function, and a major decrease in trigger latency…


Well known to people that look into the IDE and follow the developer conference calls. I just found a discussion where this was actually addressed in early September as you said, but there is no actual reply from anyone in the ST team.

I did found this post by ST CEO from September 5, 2015. Still waiting on that growing list.

And to answer the “before when?” question, I was referring to this from the ST V2 hub FAQ:
This is what drew me to actually purchase the new ST hub. It says “much of the processing”, it doesn’t explain that only one SmartApp will run locally when you only have official device types.

As a user coming from the Wink hub, another big reason to get the V2 hub was because it actually supported the devices I already had on the WInk hub. So, changing all those devices to official ST device types is not feasible for now. I do not want to spend the money on every single contact, motion sensor and some of my wall switches just now.

Don’t get me wrong, Mike. I like the community and appreciate all the help I get from it and I try to give back whenever I can, but I always go to an official product FAQ first than to a community because it is easier to get the information I’m looking for.


Not to fault you, Rodolgo, but clearly you don’t know SmartThings’s definition of “days” or “weeks”.

While some progress has been made in the ~12 “weeks” since that quote, we know from experience that SmartThings has exhibited a very weak ability to predict product and feature deployment timelines.

Then again, every Product on Kickstarter slips 2 to 12 to 24 months even, and yet folks keep buying. So perhaps the very definition of time and space is relative. Just ask Einstein. :alien: