Revisit Local devices

so now have all my current devices working as they should. I have hue, gelink, lightify, all items in ST starter kit, echo and maybe something i forgot. I still do not have anything listed in local devices web link I went through some post on how and why and it seems like i should have something in the list does anyone have any idea why nothing shows up? I don’t even have any local smart apps listed and i was pretty sure that smart lighting should be in the list

I feel like its something simple as a location setting or a check mark in a box that I have missed.

There’s nothing you as the customer can do to change whether something runs locally or in the cloud. SmartThings support can change it, but they don’t usually.

Are you using a US V2 hub or UK V2 hub? If by chance you were using a UK hub, then the links are different:

If you are using a V1 hub for either the US or the UK, nothing can run locally.

But if you’re using a V2 US hub and you are not using custom device handlers, I would get in touch with and ask why nothing is showing as running locally.

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version 2 us model